How the Right Legal Support Can Reduce the Emotional Stress of Family Disputes

Amid the complexities and emotional anxiety that can accompany most legal issues, the difficulties associated with family law matters can be the most painful. Divorce and child custody can be messy and unpleasant, and often involve emotions running high and leading to angry confrontations. In such cases, no-one really wins.

Having an experienced legal support that understands these emotional difficulties can make a difference to how the process plays out. Most people involved in such scenarios would prefer alternative methods of dispute resolution, and mediation is perhaps the most obvious choice in cases involving children, where the after-effects of the emotional impact can resonate for years afterwards.

Peter Wifler is a Lake County Illinois family law attorney who specializes in dealing with complex emotional cases, and uses the likely emotional and financial toll of a case to direct proceedings into as smooth and quick a resolution as possible. Taking other factors such as children into account, Mr. Wifler aims to avoid going to trial in all cases – although he will take matters to court if there is no other solution.

Peter Wifler is a partner at Salvi, Salvi & Wifler, which he joined in 1990. He is also experienced in handling the corporate affairs of individuals and organizations, where he reviews contracts and assists with purchases and sales. As well as divorce and child custody, the firm is experienced in other aspects of family law such as spousal support and alimony, property division, parenting plans, modification, child support and relocation. They can also advise on how these matters are affected by Illinois law.

Family law is a particularly sensitive area of practice due to the high potential for emotional conflict and long-lasting damage, both to parents and particularly children. Parental conflict can sometimes lead to children feeling they are being forced to choose sides, which can then have the effect of causing the child to reject one parent in the long-term. It is one of the many reasons why Peter Wifler is always initially mindful of the likely emotional impact on children in all his cases.

“Exposing children to the full force of a bitter, acrimonious divorce or custody dispute can have severe psychological consequences that will follow them through later life,” says a spokesperson for Salvi Salvi & Wifler. “Peter Wifler in particular is one of our leading figures in family law, and his strategy in each case is completely driven by the need to shield everyone – parents included – from the emotional stress involved.”

Another of Mr. Wifler’s areas of practice is mediation. This part of his professional background means he usually aims to resolve disputes out of the courtroom as far as possible, which has been the conventional, traditional route for many years. Down this litigation route parent is pitted against the other parent, with a judge deciding an outcome that may only please one side and possibly neither. Mediation not only avoids this route, but is also focused on achieving an outcome that is mutually acceptable on both sides.

About Peter Wifler

Peter Wifler has practiced law since 1986 and joined Salvi, Salvi & Wifler in 1990 after working at the Chicago law firm Ungaretti & Harris. His expertise now is in family law and small business/corporate matters. The website of Salvi, Salvi & Wifler is at and they can be followed on YouTube.

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