This time, the updated UNN Chain is really coming!

For UNGLOBAL, 2019 is undoubtedly fruitful and meaningful.

In the past six months, senior UN officers participated in the Royal British Lunch and talked with various political leaders and elites about the brilliant future of blockchain and the development theory of UNGLOBAL. The exclusive route from Shenzhen to Cagayan was successfully opened, providing great convenience for UN members traveling from China and IBS Planet. Meanwhile, the UN’s star project, IBS Planet, has become the first digital asset free trade zone in the world. 

Despite the fruitful achievements, UNGLOBAL will never stop. In the second half of 2019, UNGLOBAL will be ready to launch its own heavyweight project: UNN Public Chain. 

As the world’s first blockchain complex platform, UN focuses on comprehensive and in-depth development in the industry. The move to launch the public chain of UNN just marks the strength of UNGLOBAL to enter the field of cryptocurrency and its confidence and determination to occupy the mainstream cryptocurrency market. 

Under the strong endorsement of UNGLOBAL Group, UNN public chain really has a good beginning. UNN public chain aims to build a universal public chain ecosystem covering digital assets, valuable public chain and cryptocurrency.


Such an omnipotent public chain ecology naturally has the advantages and characteristics of omni-directional and multi-field. First, UNN public chain is the first universal digital public chain in the world. Secondly, it has a new algorithm with super high efficiency. In addition, it can use quantum countermeasure ledger to remove all kinds of threats in the blockchain. It can be said that the UNN public chain is completely using security and speed to build a new era of blockchain 4.0.


UNN is not only a public-chain application ecosystem, but also a complex digital asset service platform which integrates digital asset management, transaction and practical application with the support of powerful resources of UNGLOBAL. Undoubtedly, UNN public chain will become the world’s leading digital value service provider with a series of remarkable advantages such as high speed, low cost, high security and the ability to withstand quantum attacks

In particular, it is worth mentioning that the UNN public chain has a unique ability to resist quantum attacks. UNN public chain draws lessons from the privacy protection scheme of Monero, and adopt multi-key and ring signature technology to ensure anonymity of transactions. In addition, RingCT 2.0 technology is introduced into UNN public chain. By optimizing the transaction processing process, the information and transaction volume of both sides of the transaction are hidden, which greatly ensures the user’s personal privacy and transaction security. In the aspect of anti-quantum attack, the NTRUSIGN signature algorithm based on integer lattice is used to replace the traditional ECASA algorithm, and the Keccak-512 hash algorithm is used to replace the existing SHA algorithm. So we can use double insurance to resist the possible threats and obstacles in the process of transaction. 

Thus, UNN public chain is a mature public chain system with advanced technology, high security and smooth user-experience. Users can safely use it to experience the extreme service and perfect use of UNN team. 

At present, there are all kinds of public chains in the market, but most of them have the pain points of copying intelligent contracts and lacking underlying technology. UNN public chain, on the other hand, are well aware of the importance of integrating real blockchain technology with the existing large ecosystem of UNN. 

Because of this, UNN has invested a lot of technical cost in the security and execution of intelligent contracts, and developed the online technology and development platform of UNN. Because of this unique advantage, UNN public chain can integrate enterprise’s technical resources, human resources, stakeholder resources and various innovative resources, and have more opportunities to encompass the technical codes and underlying framework of blockchain related to medical treatment, exchange, agriculture, payment, finance and insurance.

With such a sophisticated and leading public chain system, the UN team is full of confidence in its future launching plans. The upcoming UNN TOKEN is the name of the basic circulation unit in the UNN ecosystem and the only commercial and financial transmission medium. In addition to account recording and payment, UNN can also stimulate the operation of the primary node and the operation of intelligent contracts within the system. 

It is reported that the total number of UNN TOKEN’s global constant issuance is 150 million, of which 130 million are ecological applications, 10 million are owned by the technical team (five years of lock-up), and 10 million are held by the foundation (five years of lock-up). 


Admittedly, there are many types of projects in the area of blockchain, and the competition is very fierce. However, the UNN team is confident about the long-term, well-planned UNN public chain project. Despite the tremendous pressure, the UN team still insists on speaking by strength, believing that it will be able to stand out among many competitors and be widely recognized. 

Nowadays, blockchain technology has become one of the important basic settings of “value internet”. At this time, UNGLOBAL’s embracing of the new blockchain technology, opening of a new competitive track, and launching the UNN public chain project is undoubtedly a very wise move. 

UNN public chain is about to be launched magnificently. It will bear the subversive new technology of blockchain. We expect it to make everything incredible possible.

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