The Tomato Grid Bank (TMT) Boost Block Chain Digital Asset Financing

The birth of block chain is called a great reform of Internet technology. For people with investment vision, it is not only a change of Internet technology, but also a revelation of wealth. In the future, it must be the block chain that can subvert the Internet, and the wealth value of investors who stand at the forefront of the market and take the lead in the field of block chain will be immeasurable. The application of block chain technology and digital assets will be an irresistible trend and trend in the future.

TMT Tomato Grid Bank Project is an application that opens up the digital currency and the real world. It aims to solve the problems of inconvenience in user management of multiple digital currencies, complicated exchange process, poor value transmission, insufficient block chain performance and inadequate application scenarios. TMT has unique cross-chain and cross-contract technology, and combines self-contained technologies. Some high-performance public chains provide powerful infrastructure for the field of digital currency, and promote the application and development of digital currency.

Tomato Grid Bank is a digital asset financing project which has entered the field of digital asset grid Trading by Silicon Valley technology team and Wall Street Foundation. It opens the grid Trading Service and provides investors in bear market with a safe, safe and high return investment way. Through this service, the monthly profit margin of assets can reach 6%~30%. All currencies are the same digital currency. In order to ensure the security of users’assets, TMT constructs a 7*24 infrared security level five early warning system.

TMT is a comprehensive community platform dedicated to creating a digital currency player, providing timely media information content, market changes, community services and other functions. TMT is not only a de-centralized digital asset management platform, but also a de-centralized trading platform. Because of its technical advantages, TMT supports many kinds of “token” (BTC, ETH, USDT…) to store and transfer transactions quickly and safely. At the same time, its own arbitrage software for grid transactions can provide users with high-efficiency value-added.


Intelligent implementation of high-frequency trading, automatic brick removal, futures trading, trading mining and other arbitrage, Tomato Grid Tomato Grid Intelligent Finance Project has multi-intelligent contract technology, combined with its own high-quality nodes to provide strong support for digital assets, promote the application and development of digital assets. Tomato Grid Tomato Grid Intelligent Finance Project provides a safe and convenient solution to the mainstream digital assets by supporting various types of block chain assets. It can store, manage and quantify the transactions. It can not only fully grasp its own digital assets, but also effectively promote the practical application of digital assets.

Tomato Grid Intelligent Finance Project strives to build an all-round Eco-community of exchange + platform currency. Its token TMT can be directly exchanged with other mainstream currencies in the platform or converted into mall products, living expenses, outbound tourism, real estate purchase and so on.

Management of various digital assets to support the storage of mainstream currencies and management of asset appreciation: Tomato Grid Tomato Grid Intelligent Finance Project upholds the core meaning of the block chain and provides users with multiple security guarantees for digital assets storage and appreciation schemes: multi-signature technology guarantees for different scales of digital asset management And two-step authorization verification, users can choose mobile phone authentication code, fingerprint and other authentication methods to ensure the security of digital assets in a comprehensive way, multi-language support: support the mainstream digital assets market in the UK and medium-sized languages, risk-free asset transactions: based on development through intelligent contracts and cross-chain gateways And cross-intelligence contract technology, to achieve risk-free digital assets trading services, high-frequency quantitative trading of digital assets: through the unique high-frequency quantitative trading network of digital assets, docking with the international exchange API, providing users with simple, convenient and safe value-added services.

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