100,000 Bonus for Global Collection, Zhuji Creates County Samples of Literary Creation in the Yangtze River Delta

What would you associate with Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province? Is it a brilliant pearl, a famous stocking industry in the Tang Dynasty, or Wu Xie Scenic Area with clear water and beautiful scenery? It is believed that more people would associate it with Xi Shi.


In order to cultivate and create local characteristic cultural brand, combine historical inheritance with urban innovation, and further promote the city brand of “Xi Shi Hometown, Beautiful Zhuji”, Zhuji City has issued an invitation to global animation design enthusiasts since August 9 to collect Xi Shi’s animation image design scheme.


The global collection activity of Zhuji Xi Shi’s animation image design scheme (hereinafter referred to as “collection activity”) is divided into four stages: scheme collection, expert evaluation, online voting, as well as selection and publication. The scheme will be collected from August 9 to October 8, followed by expert review and online voting. In line with the actual selection, the organizer will announce the final list of winners in mid-late November.


The prizes for the collection activity are as follows: 1 gold prize winner with pre-tax bonus 100,000 yuan; 2 silver prize winners with pre-tax bonus 10,000 yuan; 4 copper prize winners with pre-tax bonus 5,000 yuan; 10 short-listed prize winners with pre-tax bonus 2,000 yuan.

What is the perfect image of Xi Shi in the heart of modern people?

In accordance with the requirements of the organizers, the design scheme of Xi Shi animation image should embody the historical and cultural heritage of the ancient capital of Zhuji City, and conform to the connotation of traditional Chinese culture and socialist core values; the design scheme should inspire people, be positive, enhance cohesion, and be able to reflect the spirit of the times; it also should be novel, unique, beautiful, generous, with strong plasticity, according to different needs, design different expressions, postures, movements.

The design scheme should also be based on the brand reality of Zhuji City, fully reflect Zhuji’s regional characteristics and cultural connotations, embody Zhuji city image and spirit, as well as historical and humanistic elements, with distinct theme, strong shock, affinity and attraction.

Culture is the endogenous power of urban development. The report of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China also mentioned that we should dig deeply into the ideological concepts, humanistic spirit and moral norms contained in the excellent traditional Chinese culture, inherit and innovate in accordance with the requirements of the times, and let the Chinese culture show its permanent charm and style of the times.

In 1958, when the train passed through Zhuji City, Chairman Mao once said, “Zhuji is a place of famous people, where beautiful lady Xi Shi and painter Wang Mian came into being.” In recent years, Zhuji Municipal Committee and Municipal Government attach great importance to the inheritance and promotion of Xi Shi culture, actively light Zhuji’s City card of “Xi Shi Hometown” and make it a strong brand of Xi Shi culture.


With the vigorous promotion of “Zhuji ingrates into Hangzhou”, Zhuji City will hold a series of activities in Hangzhou, such as award ceremonies and publication of Xi Shi series of creative products, to further promote Zhuji to build a county sample of literary creation in the Yangtze River Delta, relying on the city influence and literary creation resources of the “animation capital” of Hangzhou.


The officials of Propaganda Department, Zhuji Municipal Party Committee said that the campaign combined the concept of modern literary products, taking animation image as a new highlight of Zhuji city propaganda and aiming to make the city brand and traditional culture of “Xi Shi Hometown, Beautiful Zhuji” more popular, more innovative and dynamic, to enhance the popularity and influence of Zhuji in Zhejiang and even in the Yangtze River Delta.


How to know the details of the collection activity and participate in the submission?

The collection activity will issue announcements and requirements through “Hangzhou + News” and “Zhuji Publishment” platforms. Please log in the platforms and read the related information.

The design scheme is submitted directly through the network. Participants are required to fill in the electronic registration form and send an e-mail with the design works.

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