Streetza Ria Highlighting New Album ”Rules Of War”

Rules of War Available Through Many Platforms

August 12, 2019 – St. Louis – Streetza Ria is promoting his new rap music recordings. He is promoting his current album Rules of War, a production presented by MDM.

Streetza Ria was born in Dermon Maurice Edwards in 1985 out of the southern side of Chicago. He and the mother moved to St. Louis not long after that. Streetza Ria was essentially a father of sorts to his fourteen other siblings.

He takes the name Streetza Ria from how he feels that the streets are a difficult representation of what life is really like. As difficult as it might be to accept the reality, the experiences he has held have been critical in influencing many things in his life.

He is looking to express his life through his rap music, and he has been working well to produce many of his records. He has published twelve albums with more than 140 singles, many of which come from his independent MDM label. MDM is short for Million Dollar Menent.

Streetza Ria’s newest album Rules of War brings more of the outstanding work that his fans have discovered over the years. But this is not all that he is doing today. Streetza Ria is also managing many artists from around the city of St. Louis, including more than eighty different artists of all sorts. He’s also working on his RiA Wraps fonta leaf cigar line and his two clothing lines.

The hard work that he puts in can be heard throughout his many songs. He is proud to be illustrative of the great work that he puts in and if his great interest in life. He is hoping to bring more of his work to the public and to highlight the outstanding things he has to say.

Streetza Ria’s work can be found online today through various digital platforms. Rules of War is available on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes. Many of the music videos dedicated to his work can be found on YouTube as well. The prior albums and singles that he has released well in the past can also be found through many of these same avenues.

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