LiliMac Sneakers and Apparels Is Offering a New Kind of Sneakers to Revolutionize the Footwear Industry

Footwear has always been a major part of fashion statement and presentation. Now, an apparel company is introducing sneakers with interchangeable design patterns aimed at provoking your inner sneaker fetish.

Quebec, Canada – LiliMac Sneakers and Apparels would like to announce their Indiegogo campaign for their new footwear product. It’s a revolution in Custom Sneaker Designs, offering everyone the opportunity to express themselves, reflecting their personality.

This new sneaker offering promises to resonate with fashion and sneaker enthusiasts giving them the ability to create incredible and unfathomable custom designs,” said LiliMac founder Lisa McLaren. “Being especially proud of our concept, we invite you to experience your creativity while indulging in your fashion palette,” she added.

LiliMac sneakers are easy to wear, breathable, ultra-light, and comfy, ready for the urban lifestyle. What makes the product really cool is the endless design and style possibilities.

Users can wear the same footwear over and over again while changing only the design pattern as often as they wish. There are three base models available for both men and women.

LiliMac is starting their Indiegogo campaign to make their crazy dream of bringing this product to life come true. With the help of their support, early adopters will allow a successful launch and make it available to backers as of December 2019.

“We feel Indiegogo is absolutely the right platform for engaging with our supporters and patrons, making them a vital part of our story,” explains Lisa McLaren, founder and designer.

To support LiliMac, please visit their Indiegogo Page.

Shoes have always been part of fashion enthusiast’s colorful expression. Its importance can never be denied, as its job goes beyond style and functionality. Over the years, sneaker design has evolved and these days we’re all very image conscious of what we wear on our feet.

LiliMac Sneaker is an attempt by creator Lisa McLaren to continue in this culture of innovation, by providing a better way for people to express themselves through their footwear. Everything about the sneaker and design patches is commendable, including the color selection, design, style, and fabric.

Backers of the LiliMac sneakers will be having early access to the product at up to 50% off the original market price and value. There are three base models for supporters to choose from, along with features like stylish and breathable upper nylon and comfy recyclable rubber sole.

The design patches are also incredibly awesome, offering limitless design options and colorways. These patches are a game-changer offering a versatile, unique concept, and interchangeable design.

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