Chinese Film Life Punch Premieres in Vancouver, Making a Large Audience Moved and Unwilling to Leave

On 11th August, Canada time, the Chinese film “Life Punch” made a grand premiere at the Vancouver Chinese Film Festival in North America.

On 11th August, Canada time, the Chinese film “Life Punch” made a grand premiere at the Vancouver Chinese Film Festival in North America. After the screening, the audience at the scene gave a warm applause, and many of them still immersed in the story. They shed tears of love and greatness. The emotion between the daughter and her father described in the whole movie represents the voice of a generation. The classic lines in the movie can explain the father’s compensation for his daughter: “he only took less than three months to make up for the 30-year regret.” In the film, the father’s perseverance beyond ordinary people, he lost 60 kilograms weight in less than three months to save his daughter, but this resulted himself lying in a wheelchair, couldn’t move or talk.


The beautiful scenes of the film is also very attractive to the audience. According to the film’s director Fan Haolun who shared his shooting experience of this movie, he said: “The costumes of the actors in the film are the popular retro style, which has been set in the early stage of script creation. This kind of styling direction is one of the highlights of this type of film. All the actors are very fashionable and very real. In the scenes of the film, the director shared the creative process. There’re “Boxing Bar”. “Boxing Club”, “Boxing Ring”, “The Theater of Youth Memories” etc., they all are the scenes built by this film. These special scenes add a strong fashion retro atmosphere to this film, which evokes many people’s beautiful memories of youth, and after the screening, the audience gave a very high evaluation of this Chinese inspirational film. In the film, the father’s fat special effect makeup also surprised the audience. You couldn’t spot that this fat father was presented with special silicone makeup when you’re watching the film. When the director Fan Haolun shared that every time it would take more than 5 hours for the father character Luo Han to complete his makeup, the audience give another warm applause, everyone was moved by such an inspirational and touching film. 

Ms. Jing Ke, the cast of Mina, also came to the premiere scene. Her ability to shape the character in the whole movie surprised the audience. She was awarded as the best actress three years ago with the first film of director Fan Haolun “Breathing”. this time changing the image of the mother in “Breathing” turned into a fashion female boxer who is uninhibited and persisted. In this film, her short blonde hair and retro clothes make it difficult for many people to recognize if this is her. She successfully shaped the role of Mina, and many audiences gave a very high evaluation to her. She presented Mina with an unyielding spirit, courageous forward, humble but brave and tenacious character, although she has incurable disease, but the attitude of not giving up to life has touched many people. In Mina, there’s an inspirational and heroic spirit and it is worth promoting and learning. Some audiences asked why Jing Ke’s dance is so good. Because she was an athlete and has deep dance skills. In the opening scene of the film Jing Ke perfomed a beautiful dance, it marked the opening of this film, very fashionable.


The media at the premiere gave a very high evaluation to the rhythm of the whole film. On the spot, the media asked the director Fan Haolun this Chinese film comes from what kind of thinking creation? He shared the creative process. This is his second screenwriter and director’s work. There are many differences between his first criminal film “Breathing” and this one. This such a creative transformation comes from the true feelings of Director Fan Haolun’s life. In present days, the relationships between people are lack of morality, and morality is the soul of this film. The father gave his life to save his daughter, and the daughter didn’t accept his father at first and then tried her everything to save her dad, this seems to be the greatest love between a father and daughter. The father’s performance in this film is very cute. The director used another way of expression to make the father full of optimistic spirit. When he learned that he’s daughter was sick he still faced the life with courage. His positive attitude reduced his body weight from 100kg to 65kg. With 4 hours walking everyday, he broke through the limits of humans. His amazing perseverance showed the faith of human being in the matter of life and death.


This film touched the hearts of everyone, just as the core content in the film “Everyone should not give up on life, not abandon, and have the courage to overcome when faced with difficulties.” Thanks to all the talents for making such a warm film. It passed the positive energy to everyone, and everyone should be such a hero.

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