New Zealand Nose care corporation BEGGI Invented the World’s First Nose Protecting lotion

Every time when the season changes, many people may get nasal drying, itching, rhinitis and other symptoms, which could not only make the victims feel embarrassed and uncomfortable, without proper treatment, it may also cause epistaxis, or even lead to complete damage in nasal mucosa, resulting in chronic rhinitis. Reporters now have learned that, BEGGI, one of the world’s three major nose care corporations in New Zealand, invents the world’s first external rhinitis ointment following by another “surprising invention” in the field of nose caring – the world’s first nose protecting lotion. Recently, BEGGI Global R&D Center announced that the world’s first nose protecting lotion, which took three years in its development, will be officially launched worldwide in the coming days.

According to the research from World Health Organization (WHO), 90% of nasopharyngeal cancer are caused by chronic deterioration of rhinitis, and the early symptoms of rhinitis are mainly concentrated in three symptoms: dry nose, itchy nose and rhinitis.

Dr. John Taylor and Dr. Harvard, the chief scientists of BEGGi Pharmaceutical corporation in New Zealand, has found in their clinical studies that the main reason why people have health problems such as dry nose, itchy nose, and rhinitis is that the moisturizing in the nasal cavity is poor. “Nasal problems stem from the loss of moisturizing function. If the nasal cavity can be kept moist for a longer time, it can better prevent and get rid of those annoying problems.” Dr. Taylor suggested. combining with clinical treatment, he found that nasal rehydration can also play a very good role in the prevention and treatment to dry rhinitis and atrophic rhinitis.

In order to thoroughly solve the problem of rhinitis, with the support of BEGGI, it took the panel of John Taylor three years to developed this “surprising technology” nasal protecting lotion, the world’s first nasal protector.

In order to alleviate the problems of dry nose, itchy nose and rhinitis more effectively, nasal lotion of BEGGI incorporates three major components: Maluka honey, active sodium hyaluronate, and aloe vera extract. MSA molecule is used to sterilize, moisturize and repair the nasal cavity to help it “extinguish fire”.

BEGGI Nose Protector contains the purest meluka honey purified by high-tech distillaters. The use of natural Maluka honey will surely make the sterilization and anti-inflammatory in your nasal cavity mild and non-stimulating, besides, it can also cut off  the route of the transmission of pollen, dust and other allergens, which reduce nasal injury.

After sterilization, the nasal cavity must be moisturized in order to completely alleviate the nasal discomfort. Active sodium hyaluronate is an important moisturizing ingredient in BEGGI nasal lotion for users with dry nose, itchy nose and epistaxis completely break away from their problems. Reporters learned that it is a kind of glucuronic acid, which provides more lubrication and nourishment to cells, while providing a microenvironment for cell metabolism, as well as maintaining the wetness of nasal mucosa. “Large, medium and small size of water-locking molecules can not only quickly penetrate into the depths of the nasal cavity, but also keep the nasal cavity moisturized for a long time by closing inside and outside.” Dr. John Taylor said in an interview with the media.

After sterilizing and moisturizing soften the external threat of nasal discomfort, BEGGI nasal protector can also effectively repair the damaged nasal mucosa. This is formulated by another important ingredient, ALOE VERA mucin extracted from the plant ALOE VERA. It has a strong repairing function, which can repair and reconnect the damaged cells of nasal mucosa before a layer of water-locked membrane, the strong protection in the nasal cavity, developed to avoid bacteria causing damage to the nasal cavity again.

The local media in New Zealand, NEWS, commented on the country’s innovative nose-protecting lotion, saying that by applying the perfect combination of three ingredients, namely, Maluka honey, active sodium hyaluronate and Curacao aloe vera, a nose-protecting product with the functions of bactericiding, moisturizing and cell-repairing make the innovative invention a great  success in the field of nasal caring through out the country and even worldwide.

“The release of this nose protector can strangle many nasal problems in the cradle before they continue to worsen, and prevent serious rhinitis symptoms. It can be called a’nose caring artifact’ that everyone needs. New Zealand’s NEWS said in the commentary.

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