A Dash Cam May Be the Best Investment Any Driver Can Make, Claims Houston Car Accident Lawyer

A Dash Cam May Be the Best Investment Any Driver Can Make, Claims Houston Car Accident Lawyer

HOUSTON – For many people, one of the biggest fears they have about driving is becoming involved in an accident in which the other party claims that they were seriously injured and tries to make a claim against them. Unfortunately, it can be quite tricky in many cases to disprove that something happened.

Take rear-end crashes, for instance. There has been a lot of video footage made public where the driver of a car in front reverses into the vehicle behind. However, in most cases, it will appear as if the driver of the second car was not paying attention and failed to stop in time. 

According to Michael P. Fleming, a Houston car accident lawyer, dash cam footage could be the perfect independent witness to demonstrate exactly what happened.

Not all states or courts will accept dash cam footage, but even if they don’t accept it, there are still many benefits to installing a dash cam device in your vehicle. Any unscrupulous claimant may decide to withdraw their case if they learn that there is dash cam footage. 

Bear in mind that any evidence captured will show your side of the story. Alternatively, if you are the one who caused the accident, the dashcam will show this, along with any illegal acts you may have committed. 

A good example might be if the owner of the dash cam was making an illegal U-turn when he or she got into the accident. Although a driver could claim that he or she was obeying the law at the time of the crash, the dash cam footage will show differently. Dash cams could end up being a double-edged sword.

“Many unscrupulous people have begun to try and make claims against other drivers, in recent years,” said Fleming of Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C. “Anyone driving a vehicle around Houston would be well-advised to invest the money into a dash cam in our opinion. This applies even more to Uber drivers, as Uber accidents could cause injury and loss of income. Although the footage may not be admissible in court, the fact that the footage even exists may be enough to discourage someone from making a false claim.” 

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