Legion Run Calendar 2019-2020 dates announced

Legion Run Calendar 2019-2020 dates announced

Legion Run has announced his even schedule for 2019 and 2020. Kyiv event on August 31st 2019, Barcelona on September 9th, Romania on September 21st, and Vienna on September 28th, Thailand Feb 5th or 12th | Israel – March | Cyprus – April | 3 events in Ukraine (Odessa May, Kiev and Kharkiv in July) dates TBC, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania,  Italy (Rome in June and Sicily in Late October), Greece (Athens in October And Thessaloniki in May), Qatar in December.

As announced: “More events are to be announce in September where our full schedule will be announced but the idea is that we’re feel confident to expend after being the undisputed leader in South – East Europe and now we will expand in the Middle East and Asia a well we will make stringer presents in West Europe”.

 The events focus around a strong principle: “If you finish first you are not a hero but an ashole – because you left your fellow team members behind. We are one of many – WE ARE LEGION!”.

The events aim to help other people. Legion Run goal is not to show of how strong you are but to help other people believe in their strength and inspire them to start going to events like theirs. These events eventually will make them become more physically active and motivate and inspire them to go visiting the gym on regular basis.

Legion Run is a thrilling up to 5km run with obstacles of mud, fire, ice and barbed wire, held in different countries around the globe. Our events are the ultimate opportunity for you to push past your physical and mental limits, and share some epic moments with friends, co-workers or family.

Here is reported a short Q&A – taken from their website – to help better understand Legion Run mission and inspirational values:

Q. Is Legion Run a competition?

A. Absolutely not. Legion Run is not a race, we don’t even time you. No prizes, no medals, no certificates. It’s a personal challenge which, in turn, requires some pretty good teamwork. All you get at the finish line is a beer, a t-shirt and the genuine pride that you’ve made it.

Q. Who can participate to Legion Run events?

A. Everyone over the age of 18 is welcome. Fit, unfit, male or female – everyone can be Legion and everyone would make it to the finish line. We’ve even had participants at the age of 87!

Q. How to get to the event location?

A. The location map and GPS coordinates are listed on your event page. In the meantime, keep an eye on the Facebook page of your event for more news and updates.

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