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Picasso – Birth of a Genius: A Wonderful Night in UCCA Presented by Camelia

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Picasso – Birth of a Genius: A Wonderful Night in UCCA Presented by Camelia

August 13
21:39 2019

This July 25th, 2019, A Wonderful Night of “Picasso – Birth of a Genius” exhibition in UCCA Centre of Contemporary Art was successfully being held by Camelia and UCCA in its 1800-square-meter Great Hall. As the biggest and most important Picasso exhibition which ever take place in China, it is presenting 103 significant works of Picasso this time, including 34 paintings, 14 sculptures, and 55 works on paper. By thoroughly reviewing this great artist’s career of his first 3 decades, to present his artistic growth experiences from the early to middle period to the audiences, which makes it a must-see art journey undoubtedly.


High level conversations between art experts, sharing thoughts about Picasso from multiple perspectives

That night, Moxin, the founder of Camelia invited Yanfeng, the vise professor of Chinese National Academy of Arts, together with the chief editor of “Picasso-Birth of a Genius”exhibition catalogue, Huang Jiehua, who’s from UCCA research development, shared the stories behind Picasso’s works with audiences. These 3 honored guests interpreted this great artist from different angles as an artist, an exhibition organizer and a art gossiper. Looking through Picasso’s 7 lovers, changes of his works in 6 periods of time, in order to get to know more about his joy and sorrow, the amorous and ruthless Picasso, the talent and opportunity of this great artist. They looked into these seemingly artistic changes from his real personal life and the history background, exploring how Picasso became Picasso. This talk became a highlight of the night with many quotable sentences coming out, attracted continuous applause and strong emotional resonance.

Some feedbacks from visitors:

“After the talk tonight, I finally understand the quote by Picasso, ‘I wanted to become a painter, and so I became Picasso.’

“It takes a long time for one to cultivate a young heart.”

“After this memorable night full of knowledge, I go and see Picasso again. Maybe I still cannot fully understand his paintings, at least I know who he was in love with. I see his emotions in his paintings.”

This time, the special session less than 80 attendees, the hard work the organizer UCCA and Camelia put into the session was showing in every detail. Besides specially prepared French oysters, French desserts, drinks and professional guides, a special dress code which required striped elements was also asked upfront. As is well-known, Picasso loved striped shirts, and they appeared in his work very often as well. At this moment, modern people with striped clothes on them and the work of Pablo Picasso created a wonderful chemistry reaction, as if achieving an artistic collision through time and space.

Camelia: Discover beauty, touch it and create more.

By visiting Picasso exhibition this time, one can feel the seemingly contradictory multiple artistic languages through his works. However, French artist JeanCocteau has another way of reading “Picasso’s contradiction”. He once wrote it in his book:”Picasso is running faster than beauty, and that’s why his works look ugly.” As a modern female content producer, Camelia who takes its responsibility of “discovering everything about beauty” has all the voice to speak for the topic of “how to discover and appreciate beauty”. Camelia has always been committed to sharing the best lifestyle inspiration for modern women, by selecting the best items from all around the world, building their own high quality brand, providing dressing advices in different occasions and offering a better shopping experiences combined with its WeChat official account, app and mini program.

In fact, in addition to this special session with UCCA of Picasso exhibition, Camelia has also held a special event with CHANEL for the second time. In May 2019, 50 Camelia users from Shanghai were invited to experience the “Mademoiselle Privé” exhibition, so that everyone can experience different feelings while exchanging thoughts, and also share the common qualities of CHANEL ladies — freedom, independence, curiosity and breakthrough.


The phrase “Women who wear CHANEL would never be the same” is becoming the motto of many women. The ladies who love CHANEL are all living their wonderful lives. And we have enough reason to believe that “Women who use Camelia will become more beautiful and live more beautifully.”

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