Advice Chaser Launches Matching Service for Manhattan Investors

Advice Chaser expands to Manhattan and surrounding areas, offering its free matching service to select investors

This Monday, Advice Chaser expanded its referral service to select groups in Manhattan and surrounding areas.

The young start up is growing its offering at a rapid clip and partners and investors alike are excited to participate in this important expansion.

Started by financial industry executives in late 2017, Advice Chaser’s goal is to facilitate access to the best advice. Having seen the devastation that bad advice can bring to investors’s lives, Advice Chaser was created to address the damage bad advice can do; how powerful good advice can be; and provide the data analysis that makes the difference.

The Advice Chaser team employs over 3,200 metrics in their pursuit of the data that helps investors connect with needed information. The goal is to break down complex financial topics into easy-to-understand language and present a clearer view of the financial future investors want to build.

Advice Chaser helps clients narrow their search by interviewing thousands of advisors from across the country, and shares with consumers methods for vetting reputable firms so that investors can verify the data for themselves. Advice Chaser listens to clients’ unique needs, goals, and questions to help each one find the experienced advisor they deserve.

Investors who contact Advice Chaser will be taken through a short phone call to discover their financial goals, current situation, and advice needs, then matched with an appropriate advisor in their area for a free initial consultation.

Those interested in the service can sign up to be matched at

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