DashCash: The Rising Next Generation of Global Digital Cash

DashCash is a cryptocurrency known worldwide, focusing on anonymity and transaction speed.

What many people do not know is that these functions are implemented on a dedicated server network called the masternode, which produces many exciting functions that traditional blockchains do not have.

These functions include anonymity and instant trading.

This per se is a technological innovation in the cryptographic world, and masternodes are necessary to achieve the privacy and speed that DashCash provides.

DashCash’s annual nodal mining output decreases by 8%, which makes DashCash more scarce.

Unlike Bitcoin’s lack of incentives for nodes, DashCash gives full block incentives to the masternode holders.

In order to hold the masternode, users must have 10,000 DashCash as “margin”.

This margin is always under the full control of the main node holder, and can be freely controlled by the holder.

In other words, the margin will not be locked in any way.

However, once the margin is transferred or paid, the corresponding primary node will be offline and stop receiving blockchain rewards.

Its core advantages are:

(1) Anonymous payment. Anonymous payment and coin mixing technology achieve super privacy protection;

(2) Instant delivery. Anyone can pay anyone anywhere in the world instantly.

(3) Low handling fee, no transfer will cost more than 1 cent!

(4) Value-added scarcity. The total amount is constant and the annual output decreases by 8%, making it extremely scarce and value-preserving, plus value-added!

(5) System security. The DashCash full-node reward mechanism avoids POW mode arithmetic attack and “double spending”, making the DashCash network safer!

(6) Achievement of no-net payment. Payments and transfers can successfully be made in flight mode or no-net environments!

(7) Commercial value. The world’s unique full incentive mechanism for masternode, when the number of global masternodes reaches tens of thousands, can handle more than a million transactions per second!

BTC transaction time ranges from 10 minutes to 2 hours.Ethereum’s transaction time is 5-10 minutes.DashCashcan arrive anywhere in the world in 1 second.

BTC has a maximum of 5 transactions per second. When it reaches more than 10,000 DashCashmasternodes, it can handle more than 5 million transactions per second, which is comparable to any payment system.

With super privacy protection and complete decentralization, any individual can join the masternode.Each masternode exists independently, so the more masternodes there are, the higher the degree of de-centralization.

Node network globalization ensures no control by any region, any individual, so it is completely decentralized. As long as a masternode exists in the global primary network, the network will never be out of service.

The unique incentive mechanism for all masternodes in the world will only increase the number of masternodes and make the network stronger and stronger.

Like Bitcoin, DashCash is extremely scarce, with a global total cap of 368 million.

At present, only 5 million DashCash are in circulation.The mining output decreases by 8% annually, and it won’t be completed until 2180, which ensures its scarcity and strong potential growth in value.

To become the next generation of digital cash (digital gold), there need to be five essential elements:

high-speed transactions, super processing capacity per second, super privacy protection, complete decentralization, and scarcity.

DashCash achieves all five points.

It has a unique model, which is the global innovative whole-node incentive mechanism.

When the masternode network reaches more than 10,000, the market value is expected to reach more than 100 billion, and it will become the world’s next generation of digital cash.

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