Creative Biogene Offered Ovarian Cancer Pathway as well as Related Products to Accelerate The Drug Discovery Projects

New York – Aug 14th, 2019 – Creative Biogene, as an innovative biotechnology products and service provider devotes on accelerating the development in the areas of biological and biomedical research, announces the release of one of its representative products, the Ovarian Cancer pathway which can assist to promote the progress of drug discovery projects, thereby, setting the foundation for further new therapeutic paradigms.

Current Treatment Status of Ovarian Cancer

Over the past two decades, advances in conventional chemotherapy which include taxane/platinum chemotherapy, intraperitoneal chemotherapy, dose-dense chemotherapy, and the availability of new drugs such as bevacizumab have improved the median survival of patients with ovarian cancer. However, the overall survival remains poor, and that’s why further research is required to understand how molecular pathways can promote the development of pharmaceutical agents.

Scientists have proposed a new classification method to classify ovarian cancer into type I and type II tumors. Type I OvCAs are suggested to be low-grade and characterized by mutations in PTEN and CTNNB1, and microsatellite instability, while Type II tumors include high-grade serous carcinomas and undifferentiated carcinomas, which typically contain mutations in p53, BRCA1 and BRCA2. Meanwhile, due to the improved understanding of the potential biology of ovarian cancer, molecular targeted therapy has emerged.

Creative Biogene is capable to offer various genes that can be effective in ovarian cancer pathway related research, BRAF and KRAS are included. In which, KRAS, as one of the mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling pathways, the RAS-RAF-MEK-ERK signaling pathway is a key pathway in many signaling pathways that control cell growth, proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis. Cyclic processes and apoptosis of different cell types, signaling molecule mutations in the pathway are often closely related to human cancer, including ovarian cancer, and inhibitors developed for key molecules in signaling pathways are also widely used in clinical cancer therapy.

Absolute Advantages of Creative Biogene in Ovarian Cancer Treatment Research

In addition to gene mutation targeted therapy, angiogenesis and cell proliferation share many common ligands, including PDGF, FGF and HGF/c-Met. The main issue in their development is the clarification of predictive biomarkers. Creative Biogene can provide a variety of ovarian cancer pathway-related products for your drug discovery program, including stable cell lines, viral particles.

‘Since the mutation of the KRAS gene is an essential step in the development of many cancers, it has become vital in cancer related research.’ said Marcia Graby, the marketing director of Creative Bigoene, ‘we also insist on offering comprehensive support for various genes that can be utilized in cancer related research so that promote the development of new clinical methods and drug discovery.’

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Creative Biogene, as a top-of-its-kind company who holds a leading position and is committed to accelerating the development of human science through biotechnology, offering innovative technologies, products, unique tools and services for research discoveries and product development. With more than 10 years of experience and in-house experts, Creative Biogene has become a well-recognized industry leader to support researchers worldwide.

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