BitTok – Global New Intelligent Management Platform for Digital Assets

From July 29th to 30th, the 2019 Global Blockchain Investment Summit was held by Hong Kong Blockchain Association and organized by relevant government agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia. In this summit, BitTok has made another showcase on the international stage.

During this summit, industry elites from all over the world gathered together to discuss various topics such as blockchain and distributed business to promote Indonesia’s economic transformation. At the same time, there is a lively discussion on the real issue of the security challenges of digital assets. Among them, BitTok is widely considered to be a good solution to solve this problem in the current stage.


BitTok ( is a global new intelligent management platform for digital assets. The core function set is a combination of storage, transaction, and appreciation. It is an indispensable digital asset “smart housekeeper” for individuals and institutional investors. BitTok currently supports services such as digital currency trading and token storage. In the future, it will further enhance the functions of investment and market inquiry. The aim is to solve the problems of managing a variety of digital currency exchange and transactions, such as complicated process and poor value transmission, to meet the diversified needs of users. From technology to service, BitTok has built an integrated system for digital asset management. 100% cold storage processing, completely isolating the Platform environment, storing and trading assets more securely, and protecting the security of users’ assets.

The BitTok team has placed great emphasis on the security of platform transactions since its born and has established long-term and in-depth strategic cooperation with many industry-leading security companies to provide the most secure and convenient digital asset storage, transaction and appreciation for users around the world. BitTok’s technical team has extensive R&D experience in the blockchain field. They can eliminate security risks as early as possible through a series of security services such as code auditing, penetration testing, and security hardening. Through the two-factor account encryption system, the shield detection and early warning system, dual database cross-validation and other end-level technologies to ensure data security. Using professional multi-layer, multi-cluster security architecture, and multi-level firewall protection, real-time security situation awareness, abnormal market warning monitoring, multi-dimensional operations to reduce the risk of user assets and protect the interests of investors.

Some investors in the summit have asked, although the platform can provide secure digital asset storage services. However, if they accidentally copy the address of the digital assets to a wrong place by themselves and causing the consequence that they have not received the transfer, can the platform solve it? Unlike traditional assets, digital assets are under the support of blockchain technology, and operations in a wrong way will likely result in permanent inability to recover. How to retrieve digital assets with incorrect addresses for users has always been a problem that troubles major trading platforms. However, the BitTok team has been based on the customer-oriented service concept all the time. Not long ago, the platform just retrieved nearly 300,000 USDT digital assets for users with misplaced addresses. These assets have now been returned to the user’s original account. The behavior of the platform was highly praised by users.

In BitTok’s global strategic plan, the Asia-Pacific region is the primary strategic goal. After meeting the demands of users in the Asia-Pacific region, it will gradually provide services to European and American users as well as users in other areas. In the entire ecology of BitTok, every participant is a very important node. While building the basic services, BitTok is also striving to build a project audit committee and user community that originated from users. In the future, the integration of BitTok and blockchain industry will bring an enormous purchasing ability, creativity, as well as imagination. Bringing in a multiple value growth towards the blockchain industry.

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