Staying Up to Date with Furnace Maintenance Can Save Big Money Over Time

Staying Up to Date with Furnace Maintenance Can Save Big Money Over Time

In the wintertime, your furnace becomes one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home. The failure of your furnace at that time will not only make living in your home uncomfortable but could be costly. Keeping up with the maintenance of your furnace will help to ensure its dependability and lower its cost of operation.

Dirty Air Filter Increases Energy Costs

For a furnace to work efficiently, air must be able to flow unobstructed. A dirty or clogged air filter will put stress on the furnace as the components will have to work harder and draw more energy to operate. They will wear out faster and energy costs will rise.

Dirty Blower Can Shorten Life of Heat Exchanger and Wear Out Bearings

The blower in your furnace circulates the heated air throughout your home. Dirt on the blower decreases the amount of air it can circulate. Therefore, the furnace has to work harder to bring your home up to temperature, adding to your energy cost. This extra work can cause the heat exchanger to overheat, shortening its life.

Dirt on the blower blades can cause the fan to be out of balance leading to vibration and the wearing out of its bearings. Replacing the blower unit can be quite costly. Replacing the heat exchanger will cost several hundred dollars in parts alone. You can go to site for more information.

Pilot Light, Ignition System, and Nozzles

Pilot lights can become clogged with debris in the fuel line. Pilot light buttons can wear out. Gas nozzles wear down and will begin to work inefficiently. Depending on the type and make of your furnace, there can be a variety of parts to your furnace’s ignition system that will wear out over time. A properly working ignition system will help to ensure the dependability of your furnace when you need it.

Inspections and Lubrication

Any adjustments to any part of the furnace should be handled only by a trained technician. Often when a part breaks, other parts are damaged. A trained technician knows where the vulnerable parts are located. They can locate areas that may fail in the near future and make repairs to keep your furnace from breaking down. Belts wear and crack. Motors and shafts may need regular lubrication. Any need that can be caught early will keep your furnace dependable, cheaper to operate, and emergency repairs to a minimum.

Have Your Furnace Serviced Before Cold Weather Sets In

Allen Kelly & Company, Inc. is your furnace service provider for Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Greensboro. Their factory-trained technicians will service your furnace and perform an efficiency test. Go to their website,, and contact them for a professional and dependable servicing of your furnace.

Preventative maintenance is cheaper than repairs. Energy costs will be less and your furnace will be more dependable when you need it the most. Get your furnace serviced before cold weather sets in.

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