Plus 2 is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout’s Direct Store Delivery Distributors.

Plus 2 is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout\'s Direct Store Delivery Distributors.

Plus 2’s revolutionary infused cigarette
Plus 2 is a manufacturer of premium products including vape, tincture oils and infused tobacco alternatives. High quality affordable products that offer great margins for retailers. Take a look at Plus 2 today.

Plus 2 has taken the market by storm with its unique products and aggressive pricing structure. First the products: their infused tobacco alternatives are absolutely the most innovative products in the tobacco industry in years. A tobacco alternative, both the pre-rolled smoke and the loose RYO blend, are made from teas, herbs and extracts and are completely devoid of tobacco and tobacco ingredients including the highly addictive nicotine compound. Both of these products are made with only the highest quality ingredients and are comprised of Camellia Sinensis, Morus, Red Clover, Lemon Grass and Lavender. Harvested at the source and immediately processed to lock in flavor then shipped to their US facility to be infused with isolate and made into the final product. The Plus 2 pre-rolls and the loose blend both have the same taste as traditional tobacco smokes with an incredible aroma that almost all customers comment on, a sweet tobacco type smoke, and a very good impact, not too strong and not too week.

Plus 2 also manufactures more traditional products such as vape and tincture oils. The vape products come in three flavors, watermelon, mango-strawberry and a natural no flavor which is great because it can be added to any existing vape juice and not change the flavor at all. So if you love your bubble gum or cotton candy but want to use infused vape you can use the natural flavor to do just that and continue to enjoy the flavor you have come accustom to. The tinctures are similar but only come in two flavors right now, a sweet stevia mix that has as you can imagine a sweet sugary taste and again a natural flavor that is tasteless, a “one size fits all”, for those taking infused products orally as you do not have to worry about choking down something that tastes horrible. Both the vape and tinctures come in amber PET bottles with droppers and are available in 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg doses. Plus 2 also has an oil for our 4 legged friends, a 250mg peanut butter flavor that is allergen free and quite good tasting as I have been told. We all know there are a plethora of oils on the market right now so what makes Plus 2 different? Price! They are the first company to make infused oils affordable with a very aggressive pricing structure that is sure to make retailers happy and drive consumer traffic. All oils are made with isolate and all certificate of analysis’s are available for down load from their web site so you know the content is exactly what it says on the bottle.

Next on the list is another tobacco alternative in the way of chew. That is right a chewing tobacco substitute based again on an herbal blend that is completely free of tobacco and tobacco ingredients including the addictive nicotine compound. These dips are addictive free and made from material that is FDA GRAS approved. The taste is very similar to tobacco wintergreen flavor and comes infused in 100mg and 250mg tins. The incredible thing about this product is the flavor last a very long time, unlike other herbal and tobacco alternative dip products and you don’t even need to spit if you don’t want to and lets face it spit bottles are just discussing.

As you can see Plus 2 has some very innovative high quality products that are both effective and affordable. They want to bring infused products to the masses and are on tract to do so with a product mix that is unique and profitable. So what is next? On the drawing board is a cheek spray that will be very easy to use, quick and effective, that they are sure will appeal to a vast consumer demographic. Look for the spray to be out very soon.

As you can see Plus 2 is THE company on the move. Check them out today, you wont be disappointed.

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