Nantech Power System Emerges As A Recognized And Authorized Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer & Dealer In Chennai

Nantech Has Become The Go-To Place For Stabilizers In Chennai For All Consumers!

The forces working behind the scenes at Nantech have done it again with their impeccable and reliable service. They are now acknowledged as the authentic servo stabilizer manufacturer & dealer in Chennai.

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A servo stabilizer is a stabilization system. It is motor controlled and provides optimum voltage to appliances and devices through a Buck/Boost transformer. The booster captures any input voltage fluctuation, regulates it to the required current and then provides the output. The motor is AC synchronous that adjusts the current in anticlockwise or clockwise directions. The main components of a servo stabilizer are dimmer, buck-boost transformer (series transformer), servomotor – synchronizing motors, contactor or relay, MCB, electronic circuit, and carbon brush.

A servo stabilizer is better than a traditional relay stabilizer because it has an edge. The correction technology built inside it is superior, which means it delivers accurate output required by the connected device. Servo stabilizers are utilized in industries, residences, and commercial spaces to provide unmatched voltage supply to fragile gadgets and equipment.
On becoming the renowned stabilizers in Chennai dealers, a spokesperson from Nantech says, “It is our contemporary infrastructure that we continually evolve and develop, with time, which has helped attain this stage. By following a systematic workflow and finding unique ways to up our operational efficiency, we can now confidently supply any power solution to any sector. To ensure that the products supplied are of superior quality and innovative, we have outfitted our plants with state-of-the-art equipment. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to be the go-to place for servo stabilizers in Chennai.”

The servo stabilizers the company provides have a low running cost along with an innovative design that saves energy. The stabilizer’s operations are auto-manual and therefore, trouble-free. The products offer high and efficient outputs, making them ideal for industries that have high demand. Each stabiliser comes supported with switchgear that maintains a steady output voltage in the range required, at all times.

The spokesperson further commented, “The reason we have become the frontrunner in the industry and the recognised suppliers of a wide range of Servo Voltage Stabilizers is our ethos of excellent customer service and compliance with all regulations. Besides offering quality products to fulfil power requirements, we work towards delivering accurate voltage so as to reduce power consumption and lower electricity bills. To reach this end, Nantech products are constantly tested against a range of quality parameters. The stabilizers that we put on the market come with excellent power configurations while adhering to the highest standards of ethics.”

The environmentally friendly servo voltage stabilizers by Nantech come in the range of 1KVA to 1000KVA. They offer oil-cooled and air-cooled models; both come with the ability to work in extreme conditions. Besides voltage accuracy, the stabilizers also grant load balancing and service warranties. A few areas where Nantech’s stabilizers are applicable are Cold storage, Medical equipment, printing machine, Flour mills, CNC machines, equipment loaded with a sensitive microprocessor, Telecom and data centres, Textile or Cement plants, Mall & Multiplexes, and Food processing units.

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Nantech Power Systems Pvt Ltd are Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer & Dealer in Chennai along with manufacturers and suppliers of other power batteries. For over two decades, they have been dealing in inverters, UPS, power factor controllers, and CVT for a range of brands for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes.

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