HeartSpace Cards is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Gift Stores Nationwide.

HeartSpace Cards is utilizing Mr. Checkout\'s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Gift Stores Nationwide.

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HeartSpaceCards are greeting cards crafted using real bamboo wood. Unique designs are laser cut/etched into the bamboo which is fused with a fun paper card. Typical cards are often disposed of, and forgotten very quickly. HeartSpaceCards were designed to act as a card and a keepsake, which keeps them displayed longer.

TEMPE, Ariz. – Aug. 15, 2019 – HeartSpace Cards, creators of innovative, “conversation piece” greeting cards, announced today that it is participating in a national distribution agreement with Mr. Checkout, one of the nation’s largest networks of distributors providing the card company with enormous new market potential.

The agreement with Mr. Checkout will provide HeartSpace Cards access to untapped new retail markets nationwide, exposing the company’s high-end, keepsake greeting cards to chain stores, independent gifts shops and other channels. The Mr. Checkout agreement augments HeartSpace Cards’ already successful online sales and advances the efforts of the company in expanding its retail strategy. Through Mr. Checkouts Fast Track Program HeartSpace Cards will have a more targeted, and accelerated launch into the retail sector.

Whatever the occasion, from birthdays to weddings, HeartSpace Cards looks to be the go to card for those that want to stand out, and be remembered. HeartSpaceCards are works of art crafted using real bamboo wood. Unique designs are laser cut/etched into sturdy bamboo wood which is fused with a fun paper card. Because of their unique design, HeartSpace cards are more likely to be made a centerpiece in a home or office, helping keep the card giver in the heart and mind of the recipient.

“Typical paper cards are often disposed of and forgotten very quickly,” said Levi Gale, who founded HeartSpace Cards in 2017 with his fiancé Thao. HeartSpace Cards’ sturdy, eye-catching design makes them long-term decorative centerpieces for any room. “Every time your loved ones walk by the HeartSpace Card you gave them, they are sure to be reminded of you.”

Mr. Checkout is a national group of independent distributors, full-line grocery distributors and wagon-jobbers who service approximately 35,000 stores around the country. Always on the prowl for the next big product, Mr. Checkout is the go-to resource for distributors, wholesalers and retailers to get a handle on the best-selling items. It is led by company president Joel Goldstein, who has a reputation for successful product identification and is regularly consulted by “Shark Tank” entrepreneurs looking to get product into retail outlets. HeartSpace Cards’ agreement with Mr. Checkout is indicative of the card company’s standout product concept and quality.

“We know Mr. Checkout is always looking for the next big thing that will make a splash in the marketplace,” Gale said. “They’re definitely more selective in whom they choose to do business with, and we see our agreement with them as a sign that our cards are primed to disrupt the greeting card industry.”

Seven billion greetings cards are purchased in the U.S. each year, according to the Greeting Card Association, and annual retail sales are estimated at more than $7.5 billion. Signaling great potential in the greeting card space, nine out of 10 households buy an average of 30 individual cards per year, with Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day and Easter rounding out the top five buying categories. Novelty, high-end cards like HeartSpace Cards and others are evidence that the market is ripe for those willing to carve out a niche space and break the mold, offering more than just a standard, run-of-the mill card likely to end up in a shoebox or in the trash after a few weeks.

“We’re definitely not into creating cards that people just open quickly to see if there’s any money inside and then toss it,” co-founder Thao said. “HeartSpace Cards creates long-lasting conversation-piece cards that keep you in the heart and minds of the recipient.”

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