Candy Box Program has been officially launched by GGBTC – 200 Million GGC are waiting for the fans

What is most needed to identify a good project is the data. The soaring price, the growth in the number of community users, and the promotional campaigns benefiting users reflect the value of the project.

Only exchanges with strong strength dare to face up to user competition and market test.

Therefore, good projects and communities are mutually reinforcing.

Regarding the ultimate rebirth of promotional campaigns to the community, the 200 million GGC giveaway of Candy Box Program carried out by GGBTC is the reality projection.

Professionals commented that GGBTC is much better for users than other exchanges. 

GGBTC is the world’s leading digital currency exchange and innovatively connects the platform coin GGC to a game platform with an average daily UV of over one million, creating an economic model of extreme referral traffic, extreme lock-up and extreme deflation.

GGC is the world’s first platform coin based on TRON. Through the advantages of GGC TRC Token, GGBTC is expected to become the largest trading platform of Tron ecology, achieving comprehensive coverage of assets in Tron ecological network.

Therefore, on the opening day of GGC in July, the skyrocketing volume also led to the surge in the number of GGBTC users of “50% off token activity”, not only showing the future of the platform coin GGC, but also showing the potential for GGBTC to capture a lot of traffic on global exchanges.

Under the excellent momentum of GGC, GGBTC officially launched Candy Box Program to give back to all loyal users, and give away 200 million GGC while assisting the overall development of GGBTC.

Since the opening of Candy Box Program at 20:00 on July 21st, 20 phases have been completed today. As the first ecological link of GGBTC, 80% of all revenue are repurchased every day and GGC destroyed announcements are published weekly.

Up to now, a total of 30 million GGC have been repurchased, and the current total circulation is more than 30 million. In order to better benefit GGC loyal users, Candy Box Program will also open the GGC investment plan from time to time. At the same time, the core 500-person plan will be launched and recruitment instructions will be announced in the near future. Stay tuned. (Twitter: GGBTC_Official, Telegram: GGBTCOfficial_EN)

After the official launch of Candy Box Program, GGBTC will also make the ecology more complete. This program is a win-win for GGBTC development and users.


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