Now dogs can carry their own water bottle with this unique backpack for dogs

Thanks to the crowdfunding websites, we get to see exciting innovations from around the world. This new innovation, designed specifically for the furry friends solves the problem of keeping our dogs hydrated while on the go. The Commuter bottle Bag for dogs is a unique backpack for dogs that works as a cover-up, with a water bottle attached on the top so the dogs can carry their own water bottle whenever they are outside, hiking and playing with their human.

Dog owners know the problem of keeping their dogs hydrated when they are outside on the trip. Either they have to carry a really big water bottle or look for a nearby fountain to quench their dog’s thirst. This is why the Commuter Bottle-Bag brings just the perfect solution for the dog owners and the dogs, with its unique design which makes the dog look like ‘they mean business’ when they wear it. The product is first introduced on Kickstarter and created by a dog owner himself who always found it cumbersome to keep his dog Bobby hydrated while going for a walk. Her vision is to establish a company that offers innovative pet products, and first of which is the commuter Bottle Bag for dogs.

The Commuter Bottle-Bag for dogs will be a cylindrical bottle bag that can be worn like a cover-up for dogs. It is a dual-ended commuter bag and water bottle crafted especially for dogs. It looks modern and stylish and gives the dog a cute “professional dog on-the-go” look. The lid of the bottle doubles up like a bowl so the dogs can drink water conveniently. It’s a highly useful product for all dog owners that they can use for their dogs during walks, trips, vacations, picnic and more.

The Commuter Bottle-Bag for dogs seeks funding of $25000, on Kickstarter and it’ll only be funded if it reaches its goal by September 22nd. The backers can pre-order the products at an early bird price via Kickstarter.

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