“Creativity without Limits” 2019 “MyWorld Maker Challenge” – Sino-British Youth International Challenge: Bridge to Communicate with the World

Maker, leading people to the place of wisdom and the world of intelligence, is the key to open the gate of a new world and usher us to the future. – Inscription: The great era of communication between China and the world.

The year 2019 witnesses the 65th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Britain, which symbolizes a new and historic start for both countries.

In 2019, China will continue to work with its international partners to promote the development of “Belt and Road” at high quality, high standards and high level. Sino-British relationship has a global strategic significance that transcends the bilateral relationship, since building a “Golden Era” between China and Britain not only serves the fundamental interests of two sides, but also boosts the interaction between young people from two countries.

Based on the strong desire of communicating with the world’s youth, the historical communication context between China and the world, and the global call of world peace, China and UK also attach great importance to young people’s efforts in the harmonious development and creation of the global future. In this case, CCTV joined with Hong Kong Neo-elite and Sibford School in Oxford to hold the “Embrace the World, Discover a Better self” and “Creativity without Limits” 2019 “MyWorld Maker Challenge” – Sino-British Youth International Exchange Activity.

Sino-British Youth Exchange Activities

The theme for the 2019 Sino-British International Exchange MyWorld Maker Challenge is “Creativity without Limits”. Participants from China and abroad share their cultures, technology, and design concepts in order to create innovations.

The event will facilitate high-level discussions on science, technology, culture, and education for Chinese and British children, foster technological innovation, and showcase their creativity. Hong Kong Neo-Elite provides a nation-wide platform for children to turn their creativity into real innovation with CCTV Children’s Channel’s Tinkmore. In doing so, participants are a kind of representative and agent for Chinese-English exchanges in technology, culture and education.

Children will have an in-depth British cultural experience by visiting top universities there, studying immersive English lessons, and participating in exchange activities on science, technology, culture, and education. The children will grow in their time abroad, not only in terms of their creativity, but in their understanding of subjects covered in school exchanges. There will be a range of participants in order to spread the knowledge of science and technology wide. The young learners from China and the UK will develop strong character and a more global sense of values in these international cultural exchanges.

The Sino-British Exchanges selected 100 students from China and the UK to test their imagination, motor skills, and teamwork. Yuegang Mookray provides materials to the participants, with various functions such as intelligent lighting, smart home decoration, smart home, outdoor environment, and STEAM courses. These materials are also used when teaching STEAM, and can be reused in other subjects.

In the competition, participants use the materials to assemble structures such as the London Eye, Big Ben, a double-decker bus, a red telephone booth, etc. out of small scattered blocks. The most outstanding projects will receive recognition.

Future generation will drive our country forward. The Sino-British exchange has not only to raised Chinese and British children’s awareness of the scientific and technological strength of the respective countries, but also promoted cultural exchanges between them. In the future, Hong Kong Neo-Elite will continue to collaborate with CCTV Children’s Channel Tinkmore and Yuegang Mookray to support our young learners.

“MyWorld Maker Challenge”, jointly organized by CCTV Children’s Channel and Hong Kong Neo-Elite and exclusively held by Neo-elite Co., Ltd, is a science and technology reality show featuring primary and secondary school students. The show is dedicated to advocating science through teamwork and providing a platform for students to demonstrate their creativity, nurturing their healthy growth.

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