New Production Launched By Bush & Gerts Piano: The Perfect Integration of Tradition and Technology

Bush & Gerts New Products Launch Conference was held in New York at 10:00 a.m. on August 15th, 2019. This is also the fifth year of new line development in the global market since it has resumed its mass production and global sales in 2015. This time, Bush & Gerts released six upright and grand pianos. The flagship grand piano, called G285 reaches 9 feet and 4 inches and surpasses the standard 9 feet piano, Some new technology such as carbon fiber composites are also being used in the new products .

On the day of the launch, Bush & Gerts piano company first announced two new products, the upright piano U127 and the grand piano G163. Compared with the previous SU line, they are not only improved in appearance, but also improved in material and performance.

It is understood that the new upright piano U127 in addition to the improvement of the appearance and height, also uses a new iron plate and a new action design, its’ height is 127 cm, and the price is $42,800.

U127 adopts a large music stand similar to the grand piano, which is more convenient for the placement of the music score. Internally, Bush & Gerts and Wessll, Nickel & Gross ( referred to as WNG) jointly developed a new type of carbon fiber composite action, which is more adaptable to  climates change , lighter and more stable than the traditional action.

At the same time, five models of grand piano are being released. Taking the G163 as an example; Bush & Gerts sales manager said it made the biggest leap compare to the previous pianos ever. The  conference showed the new structure of G163. Since the long-term partnership with the German company, ABEL, the top-tier ABEL hammer has been widely used in Bush & Gerts products. Of course, the interior also used a new carbon fiber composite action, which is said to have a 30% faster reaction time than the previous pianos.

Later, five models of upright pianos were shown, including G163, G174, G193, G212 and flagship G285. The price started from $114,000 to $242,570. Now, we accept the customized reservation, and the delivery will be completed in about six months.

Bush & Gerts global flagship NEW LINE G285, $242,570.

Buhs & Gerts released the NEW LINE pianos, and every new production used carbon fiber composite action, which is the first time Bush & Gerts made pianos with modern new materials as accessories. Meaningfully, WNG is the pioneer of the new material action, and the combination of the two sets a good example for the integration of modern technology into traditional musical instruments.

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