Study Says Good Cardiovascular Health at Middle Age Lowers the Risk of Developing Dementia later in Life

Mental Daily, a trusted source of news and blog topics pertaining to psychology research, published new research that talks about a link between late-onset dementia and good cardiovascular health.

Mental Daily, an online blog and news publication that covers psychology research, announces the result of a study that focuses on cardiovascular health in middle age as it relates to a lower risk of dementia. The study, published in BMJ concluded that good cardiovascular health in middle age is linked to a lesser risk in developing dementia later in life. The study gathered data across 7,899 British participants and conducted research between 1985 and 1988.

The participants were screened at age 50 for cardiovascular disease and dementia with follow-up after 25 years. Mental Daily regularly posts news articles about the latest news and information on the research field of psychology and mental health. They are a US-based outlet and include topics like mental wellness, society, cyberspace, and politics. Ever since its launch, well-known publications like Psychology Today, HuffPost, Lifehack, Glamour, and many more have cited Mental Daily. Their latest news article talks about the link between the overall cardiovascular health in the middle age and the development of dementia in later years. 

The researchers at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research used the “Life Simple 7” score rating by the American Heart Association. This scoring system is made up of four behavioral factors (smoking, physical activity, diet, body mass index) and three biological metrics (fasting glucose, blood pressure, blood glucose). Though many have labeled the scoring system as potentially inconsistent, the researchers pushed on to scrutinize the different health factors in middle age that could affect the risk of developing dementia in later life.

The findings reveal the strong link in adhering to the recommended health score and a lower risk of developing dementia. The proponents of the research have also uncovered that a good cardiovascular health score at age 50 is directed connected with an increase in grey matter in the brain. One researcher states that “Cardiovascular risk factors are modifiable, making them strategically important prevention targets. This study supports public health policies to improve cardiovascular health as early as age 50 to promote cognitive health.” 

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