City DreamWorks innovates high-tech agriculture, leading the new fashion of consumption

Today’s City DreamWorks project was officially released, and it was comprehensively interviewed by China and authoritative media. It is reported that the City DreamWorks Project is a project with a gold spoon, including high-tech agriculture-aerosol cultivation technology, cultivation and purification of industrial cannabis, and aged care, blockchain traceability, smart farm, IoT technology, smart home, new fashion trends, and many other layouts, we believe that these auras will lead a wave of new fashion trends and a new high-tech agricultural economy! Implement blockchain empowerment entities.


Simultaneously signed a letter of intent for cooperation with East China University of Science and Technology and Canada to lead the establishment of a joint laboratory to study the cultivation of industrial cannabis. The aerosol cultivation technology can effectively shorten the production time of industrial cannabis, increase the output and effective content, and increase its economic value. Has a high landing value and investment value. 

At the same time, it also provides a deep layout for long-term care for the elderly. By providing the elderly with a safe and secure aerosol to cultivate fruits and vegetables and improve their physical condition, it is expected to reach a supply of 3,100 beds by the end of the year and a supply of 20,0000 beds for three years.In the whole ecology, it includes equipment sales, farm scene production, online mall sales, offline store operation and drainage, cash flow through equipment sales, online and offline drainage, and physical and virtual complement each other. Formed a complete business model. Enforce the entity through the blockchain to protect the rights and interests of consumers and ensure the stable and sustainable development of the project.

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