China hongxin food – the pride of China’s brand nation

Hongxin food world is a professional food brand with a strong planning team, sales team and program production team. Select the best quality raw materials, select quality supply chain, and strive to produce each product in the market can be supported by consumers!

Hongxin is looking for traditional Chinese cuisine and its inheritors. Each product combines the inheritance of the oldest technology with modern technology. Moreover, it has been listed on the nasdaq screen of times square in New York, and won the honor of China 3.15 honest brand, CCTV advertisement broadcast certificate, China famous and excellent products, China green and healthy food, and the national consumer rest assured and satisfied brand.

Hongxin brand has won many honors, while quality is hongxin’s consistent pursuit, using modern technology. Control every food safety link. The company regards product quality as its life and does not allow any defects in quality issues. It insists on selecting, constructing and managing bases in accordance with organic standards to ensure the quality safety of “source”. We have followed the trend of scientific and technological development, vigorously developed, introduced and applied advanced production technologies and processes, and constantly improved our production and processing capacity.

In the form of cooperation with large supermarkets or sole proprietorship construction, it establishes marketing outlets (centers) in major cities of the country, and constructs a marketing network that radiates to cities above the city level. We have cooperated with OLE supermarket, tianhong department store, xinhua department store, xinglong supermarket chain, Eurasian commercial chain, McKailor, new mart and other large supermarkets successively. We have set up high-end counters, stores within stores, and equipped with 1-2 shopping guides to guide consumption, and display and sell yongfu series products. At present, “fulin” company has established more than 100 sales outlets in three regions of northeast, east and south China. China is red, China is heart, China is heart.

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