Chengdu Douban Red International Carnival Lightens up Greenway “Night Economy”

According to the news of Chengdu Douban Red International Carnival Committee on 14, Chengdu, committed to create the longest urban greenway in the world, is exploring and developing the greenway “night economy”.

When the greenway meets with the music, a Douban Red summer carnival open to the whole Chengdu is on with the show officially. From August 10, “Chengdu Douban Red International Carnival” (lasting for 9 days) has been progressing in the east area of Guixi Ecological Park, Tianfu Greenway, and this “Douban Red” Summer Carnival open to the whole Chengdu will become another bright star of “Chengdu Night”.

There are the cool stage and infectious electronic music, audiences can rock it along with the music. There are the regions such as creative market, featured delicious food, hot brand,instagramable settings, and here is a carnival party integrating the music, delicious food and market, interesting and funny.

Besides Electronic Music Festival, Chengdu Douban Red International Carnival (lasting for 9 days) also possesses the wonderful theme activities including super fitness party, folk and busker performances, football night, and food tournament, etc. At the night of this summer, go to relax in Chengdu Douban Red International Carnival, and be a hedonist in “Chengdu Circle”.

In recent years, with the economic globalization and changes of public consumption pattern, “night economy” lightens up the nights of many cities as an emerging force. The quality of “night economy” of a city is an important rule for investigating its international degree, cultural character and residents’ quality of life.

“Chengdu Douban Red International Carnival” is the largest carnival activity currently. By the theme of Tianfu cultural elements with extremely strong identification and extremely high participation in the topic, Chengdu Douban Red connects multiple contents such as greenway, music, food, culture & creation, and pop culture with its cultural tolerance and ductility value. It will not only bring the public with a grand summer party but also lighten up the picture of greenway “night economy” in Chengdu in a different way.

“The night in Chengdu is only for eating and fatting.” When it comes to “night economy” in Chengdu, the first thing that comes to mind is all about food. However, the form of “night economy” shall not be just about catering, and it can be more diversified, including leisure, sightseeing, shopping, fitness, and culture, etc. Moreover, Chengdu Douban Red International Carnival is a new attempt for greenway to create “night economy”.

For establishing a beautiful and livable park city, Tianfu Greenway is integrated into Chengdu as like blood, bringing the city with poetic life scene, enabling citizens and tourists to push the window to see green and improve happiness, and making Chengdu possess more international attraction. “Carnival activity extends Chengdu Douban Red brands, it presents Chengdu’s fashion and ease attitude towards life and Chengdu’s unique lifestyle of integrating in greenway, making us feel the rich and wonderful life in Chengdu.” Kang Ying, the president of Chengdu Tianfu Greenway Co., Ltd., once said that “in the future, Tianfu Greenway will carry out such kinds of activities more freely, except music, food and sports, Tianfu Greenway will try to add the contents such as little theatres and night reading rooms.”  The future “night economy” of Chengdu has great potential.

The later the night is, the more beautiful the Chengdu Douban Red International Carnival will be. Music, food, culture & creation, and pop culture interlace and boom here, what it lightens up is not only the smiles of citizens and tourists, but also the vital “night economy” in Chengdu Tianfu Greenway.

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