Trolling Battery Advisor Launches Website and Blog

GRAND RAPIDS – August 16, 2019 – Review site has launched its webpage and blog containing the latest and greatest reviews and advice on trolling motor batteries for boats. In addition to this, the website also offers reviews and key information for marine batteries, marine chargers and solar panels, and boat accessories. Work began on indexing the site in 2016 as a way to archive all the knowledge the webmaster had gained on trolling motor batteries and others. The site offers:

• Candid reviews on batteries and accessories

• Links to Amazon for reviews and purchase

• Breakdown of features, specs, and pros and cons list

• Price and specification comparison chart for all products

• Blog featuring insightful and informative posts about batteries and boat accessories

Every review on Trolling Battery Advisor features a knowledgeable intro and rundown of the product, followed by a checklist of its key features and specifications. There’s also a handy pros and cons list for each item, giving an honest spin on what works and what doesn’t. The webmaster and his team truly show their boating expertise in these reviews, with every product given meticulous consideration and care.

In addition to batteries, Trolling Battery Advisor also has en extensive review section on boat accessories. These include boat seats, trolling motor trays, marine switches, motor plugs, motor props, marine electrical wire, and many others. Like the batteries, each accessory here is given it’s own intro, features and specs, and pros and cons list.

Unlike brands such as Optima and Duracell, Trolling Battery Advisor offers an unbiased look at all types and brands of batteries. It truly is a one-stop shop for boat enthusiasts, offering one of the most extensive product review catalogues on the web. “We are activity lovers actually,” says the webmaster for the site, further emphasizing their enthusiasm for the physically active boating life.

Trolling Battery Advisor also offers a unique scholarship program for students with a passion for trolling motors and boating. Applicants need to be active undergraduate or post graduate students that have excellent writing skills. The application involves picking one of five topics to write about, then writing 1,500 to 2,000 words on the topic. Applicants can submit their applications to along with proof of student ID. Students selected for the scholarship will receive a $1,000 grant.

The website also houses a regularly updated blog with thoughtful and educational posts related to the battery and boating world. Posts include such topics as learning what a deep cycle battery is, what the difference between a marine battery and a car battery is, and some things to know when purchasing a marine battery. Users can take all of this information into consideration when choosing to purchase a trolling motor battery or one of the many other products contained on the site.

With all the comparisons, reviews, pros and cons lists, and blog posts, Trolling Battery Advisor is an amazing resource for boat enthusiasts and outdoorsy folks in general.

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