Searchmaid teams up with HealthPal to assist employers in managing healthcare costs for domestic helper

Searchmaid teams up with HealthPal to assist employers in managing healthcare costs for domestic helper
Searchmaid is Singapore’s largest maid listing platform. Now, it has teamed up with HealthPal to help people manage the healthcare costs of their domestic helpers. Regulations of the Ministry of Manpower stipulate that an employer must send their domestic maids for health assessment every 6 months and that healthcare costs of domestic helpers should be borne by their employers.

16 Aug, 2019 – Foreigndomestic helpers are very much sought after by busy Singaporeans. Ideally, she is someone who is reliable and can take good care of the elders and kids when it comes to employing a domestic helper, the number one problem most households face is finding the right one among a multitude of candidates introduced by several maid agencies.

The decision to let someone into your house and entrust them with your belongings as well as kids is a bold decision. This is where two Singapore-based tech startups, Searchmaid, and HealthPal, are playing a crucial role in helping families finding the right maid on their platform. At the same time, they are making sure that domestic helpers have access to better healthcare facilities at lower costs. More importantly, these two start-ups are helping maids to access better medical facilities without being a burden on their employer’s budget.

HealthPal is a unique platform which is associated with the distribution of wellness and healthcare services to organizations and companies. It comprises of more than a thousand clinics across Malaysia. It works with a chain of clinics to extend healthcare benefits to end consumers. With HealthPal, an individual can affordably access medical help. HealthPal functions on a membership basis. Their plans start at 2 dollars per month for individuals. On the other hand, the membership fees for a family begin at 6 dollars per month.

Nowadays, HealthPal has teamed up with Searchmaid to facilitate affordable healthcare solutions to domestic helpers. This initiative has ensured that maids and domestic helpers can now have access to quality medical care without being a burden on their employer’s finances. With the same 2 dollars per month subscription, HealthPal for maids extends its therapeutic benefits to your helpers. This also includes a flat fee of 13 dollars for consulting a General Practitioner at over 500 clinics.

HealthPal undertook this initiative also provides health screening packages, which start from 30 dollars. This service package will notify you when your maid is due for half-yearly medical examinations. The collaboration of HealthPal with Searchmaid has redesigned the way of bringing better healthcare benefits for maids and helpers.

This way, HealthPal and Searchmaid’s collaboration is providing people a better experience in hiring helpers, while taking care of the health needs of the employers as well as the maids.

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At Searchmaid, you can engage a helper as per your requirements and budget. Searchmaid is the largest maid listing platform in Singapore with over 200 maid agencies and over 8000 maid biodata. The large Searchmaid’s database, makes it easier to find your ideal maid.

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