Announcing ‘My Pill Time,’ the Life Saving Innovation that Prevents Unauthorized Use of Costly Meds

Just launched on Indiegogo, the product’s inventor is currently seeking investors.

Titusville, FL – Inventor Tristram Himmele is pleased to announce the launch of his latest project, My Pill Time, on Indiegogo, with the goal of raising capital to bring the product to market. Patent pending My Pill Time is a remarkable new invention that prevents people from double dosing. It is particularly valuable as a means to monitor the medication schedule of the elderly, and as such could potentially save thousands of lives once it’s readily available.

My Pill Time is unique in that it is used on existing pill bottles and containers, including over-the-counter drugs such as Advil and vitamins, so the contents do not have to be removed.

Himmele is looking for investors, and is also open to the idea of selling to an interested buyer.

“My team and I are delighted to be able to spread the word about My Pill Time,” says Himmele. “This is a product that’s destined to save many lives, and it’s remarkable easy to implement. We’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished here!”

Older adults are particularly at risk for prescription drug abuse, and may accidentally (or intentionally) take medicine when they don’t need it. But regardless of age, anyone can make a mistake. And unfortunately, when it comes to medication, mistakes like these can put someone’s life at risk.

Added to that is the fact that medicine is costly and can be a real strain on the budget.

My Pill Time provides the perfect solution without the need to keep a checklist or store pills in plastic containers. A digital screen clearly shows the time and date of the last time the bottle was opened. And with the optional application, the user can get live updates and easily monitor whoever has access to the meds. This feature would allow doctors and pharmacists to monitor patients’ dosage remotely, eliminating the need for appointments solely to renew a prescription.

The product can also be used for pet medications.  

The My Pill Time team is planning on adding optional enhanced features such as fingerprint authentication and Wi-Fi enabled communication in the near future. Additionally, the digital display is being modified to change colors, showing a red background if it’s not yet time to take the medication, and a green background to show that it’s safe to do so.

“The prototype is finished and the patent has been filed,” Himmele concludes. “Now we’re relying on your help to develop the product and add more life-saving features!”

For more information, visit the website at or help change the world by donating to the Indiegogo campaign.  

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