Customers Can Now Explore Updated Stock of China-hifi-Audio to Find High End Products at Cost Saving Prices

The new stock updates bring products, like Shengya CD player and amplifier, Paiyon P4 bookshelf loudspeaker and Cayin tube amplifiers for customers to purchase them at inexpensive prices.

Customers can always rest assured of getting 100% brand new and high-end products at reasonable prices from the online store of China-hifi-Audio. The online store has tube electronics for music lovers from all leading companies around the world. They have a variety of high-end products in their inventory, which include CD players, loudspeakers, tube amplifiers, preamplifiers, vacuum tubes, electron tubes and so on. These products are designed to offer high-end performance to improve the quality of music.

According to the spokesperson of the online store, Shengya is a reputed brand, and they have company’s stereo integrated amplifier, transistor amplifier, power purifier & filter socket, vacuum tube integrated amplifier and other items. The stereo integrated vacuum tube transistor amplifier of the company consists of a combination of digital fiber coaxial input and the wireless Bluetooth input. With Made in Russia tubes, it offers a better sound performance. The spokesperson reveals that Shengya’s experience in designing and manufacturing transistor power amplifiers plays an important role in improving the comprehensive performance of the amplifier. The company’s amplifiers adopt a fully balanced amplifier circuit that is often recognized by numerous international audio product manufacturers and music enthusiasts.

Customers Can Now Explore Updated Stock of China-hifi-Audio to Find High End Products at Cost Saving Prices

China-hifi-Audio also has the Paiyon P4 bookshelf loudspeakers in its stock. The audiophile passive loudspeaker pair has a shipping weight of 22kg and is available in two different color options of Santos Rosewood and Walnut Wood. The spokesperson reveals that the price includes one pair of the speakers and other items are not included in this price. With this hi-fi class speaker, the sound quality is amazing. Its small power amplifier is easy to push to achieve a 90dB high sensitivity. The product is shipped after 100% pairing test to make sure it meets the design requirements. The product also undergoes a simulation analysis, so that the loudspeakers can achieve a high standard. With rigorous testing, the development of the product is more systematic, more accurate and more efficient.

One can also check the Cayin tube amp range that China-hifi-Audio has in its stock. The online store has Cayin A-100T Vacuum Tube Power amplifier, Cayin A-300B Class A single-ended tube integrated amplifier, Cayin A-300P Class A Power amplifier, Cayin A-845 Single-ended Class A Power amplifier and other products from the company. All these amplifiers are 100% brand new and are shipped in the original edition boxes only. With point-to-point scaffolding, these amplifiers feature a durable construction for a long-lasting use.

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