Electric Bikes Make It Easy to Get Around Town

Climate change and traffic congestion seem to be the new constants in urban living. This has led people to become more concerned about rising temperatures and long commutes. They would like to solve both problems, but the common thought on traffic congestion is that, to eliminating cars, means eliminating the most effective means that most people have to get to work and around the city in general. That means that one of the chief contributors to greenhouse gasses also gets a pass card, and so, most people believe the discussion to be over before it’s even started, but there’s more to it than that.

Part of the solution, is of course, the electric car. This is a viable option for some, and should be encouraged for those able to afford it. It may not help traffic congestion, but it does help the environment. The other issue with electric cars is that they’re not very affordable at the moment and there are also concerns about just how far they can go on one charge.

So, where do people go for a cheap alternative to a car that doesn’t damage the environment but can get them to work and home, not to mention visiting friends and family? The answer has been in front of everyone’s face not for just a few years, but decades: the bike.

Now, the biggest objection to relying on a bike to get around town is speed and range. The honest truth is that most people simply aren’t going to go very far on a purely human-powered bike. Twenty years or so ago, that would have been the end of it, but there are new technological advantages to bikes now: they’re electric!

Yes, electric bikes are now taking the city by storm, because they offer all the advantages that people are looking for:

First, there’s no more worry about traffic congestion. Most cities have designated bike lanes now, so getting to work can actually be faster by bike than by car! The other advantage is that the electric-powered bike takes the physical burden off of the biker, allowing them to reach higher speeds with less effort. Finally, those worried about climate change can relax as an electric powered bike, like those sold by Epic Cycles, don’t contribute to smog or climate change.

With just how busy cities are getting, more people are choosing the electric bike for the simple reason that they really do make it easy to get around town!

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Over a decade of success has resulted in Epic Cycles expansion into the Canadian market to deliver quality products and services to a new population of avid bikers. Their proudly Canadian branch is committed to changing how people view travel by promoting cleaner, greener, and safer modes of travel to Canadians. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is immediately evident from their highly trained staff and quality products. Epic Cycles has several stores across Canada, including Montreal, Edmonton and Calgary.

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