Mattress Specialists Raise Awareness of Link between Sleep Quality and Mental Health

One in five Canadians will experience poor mental health at some point in their lives. And while mental health in itself is incredibly multifaceted, and the root cause of problems can be just as complex and layered, science has revealed some of the risk factors that can drive poor mental health. One such risk relates to sleep, in particular quality of sleep.

One example is research showing that people with insomnia are ten times more likely to suffer from depression and 17 times more likely to be diagnosed with clinical anxiety. It has been demonstrated that lack of sleep impacts the part of the brain which manages and regulates emotions.

In light of findings such as these, Zen Mattress, a Canadian company committed to innovating mattress technology and help everyone achieve better sleep, wants to raise awareness of how to proactively approach mental health and wellbeing.

Canadians are not getting enough or optimal sleep

About one in every two Canadians experience problems going to sleep and over 12% report having poor mental health. These figures reveal an urgent issue that needs addressing to avoid devastating problems in the future. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, specialists recommend having a ‘sleep hygiene’ routine in place. This includes a number of aspects from going to bed and getting up at the same time, avoiding alcohol, caffeine and overuse of technology before going to bed, and equally important ensuring the bed is as comfortable and has the right mattress and pillows.

Dedicated to improving sleep for all

Zen Mattress has developed its entire range of products, from mattresses and mattress toppers to bedding, with the goal of ensuring better sleep for all. More specifically, at the very core of their research and development efforts sits a focus on health. Their products are designed to encourage joint and pressure relief, and simultaneously adapt according to temperature to enable a cooling effect during hot summer days and warmth during harsh winter ones.

A Zen Mattress spokesperson adds, “Exactly like a good diet and physical exercise, proper sleep is a big part of a healthy lifestyle. Probably the best way to think about sleep loss and mental health is to imagine a two way street where traffic gets disrupted if one of the lanes doesn’t function properly, and simultaneously any changes in either direction has an impact on the other. We want to ensure we can provide support and relief for every Canadian who is struggling, and equally help prevent any more from getting to that point.”

About Zen Mattress

Zen Mattress is a proudly operated Canadian business with an overarching mission of providing better, sounder, more comfortable sleep for all, while also protecting the environment. They offer free shipping across all 10 provinces, and because they are deeply aware of how important having the right products for the bed are, they have a 100 days trial scheme in place to ensure the right product gets to the right person.

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