Adding Character To Gardens, Pools, Patios and Driveways With One Simple Solution

Interlocked paving goes back to the Roman times, however nowadays they are more than functional. They improve the aspect of gardens and driveways, they add character to pools and patios, and most importantly they can increase the value of a property.

According to Delta Classic Homes, the contractors in designing and installing custom interlock solutions for both commercial and residential purposes, anyone who is dissatisfied with the appeal of their property or a specific area within, should think way beyond the heavy and often less practical concrete or asphalt upgrades. Particularly when selecting paving materials, it is important to remember stone is among the most nuanced and flexible of paving materials.

Is interlocking pavement for me?

Many designers and builders appreciate the manifold benefits of block paving. However it is important to appropriately evaluate the needs and goals as well as take into consideration other factors that might impact the success of such a project, including having an effective and timely solution of dealing with drain water or ensuring the paver block has a strong base.

Interlocking pavement can hold so many benefits with various applications:

  • Inspired way of creating decorative pavements with the possibility of adding uniqueness to it and choose from a wide range of shapes and hues to truly be able to add character
  • Their strength (four times stronger than poured concrete!) makes them an incredible option for driveways with a lot of traffic, but whose appeal stays the same throughout time
  • On pools, the wide range of colours can play a role in keeping the surface cool, while they can also shelter people from slipping when wet
  • Their durability (over 50 years life expectancy) makes them an excellent choice for patios and gardens which do not normally get frequently renovated – and even so, as another plus, repair and maintenance is simple, hassle-free and affordable.

Knowing where to go for interlocking services

In today’s world, virtually every market is overcrowded with competitors whose efforts to get ahead can confuse clients. Delta Classic Homes has an easy trick to help people choose the right supplier: check credentials, check reviews, check recent work. ‘The only risk of having interlocking stones installed is having them done the wrong way. For instance, inadequately prepared bases can lead to paving surfaces sinking in, specifically in areas such as driveways where they have to deal with the weight of cars on a regular basis. This can also lead to weed and moss growing in-between which can result in a less appealing look and money spent on cleaning. A credible business should also provide warranty. Similar to plastic surgeons trying to fix botched jobs as a result of unprofessional work, our team has seen many cases of interlocking gone wrong, which is why we want to ensure this never happens”, said a Delta Classic Homes spokesperson.

About Delta Classic Homes

Delta Classic Homes is Toronto’s premier supplier of concrete interlocking paving services, room additions and basement waterproofing. Providing top-notch work and second-to-none customer service has been their mission since they first started the business, back in 1993.

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