New Research Shows How Mindfulness and Exercise Can Help Beat Cocaine and Opioid Addiction Relapse

New research (see below) shows incredible promise in helping the millions of Canadians struggling with cocaine or opioids addiction to find lasting recovery and prevent relapses. Canada ranks second globally for cocaine use and at the same time, it has been reported that at least one in 10 Canadians are abusing opioid medications. While many are seeking treatment and recovery from their addiction, many more find it complicated to avoid relapse and stay sober.

Some addiction rehab clinics in Canada have prevention programs in place to ensure this does not happen, but staying on top of the latest research and continuously improving such programs are the only way to find success, says Addiction Rehab Toronto, a rehabilitation facility which uses a holistic approach to address substance abuse or dependency.

The latest data on exercise and mindfulness shows promise

A University of Washington study has used mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to prevent relapse and the outcomes have been encouraging in two types of addiction deemed as having the lowest recovery rates: opioids and cocaine. Comparing the approach to the traditional 12-step relapse prevention program, those engaging in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy showed a considerably lower risk of relapse. The researchers also found that this type of therapy impacted specific areas of the brain associated with craving and relapse.

A second study carried out by the University at Buffalo, found that regular physical exercise (one hour, five times per week) reduced stress-induced cocaine-seeking behaviour, and at the same time it demonstrated significant mood elevations which is key in individuals experiencing withdrawal or prone to cravings.

Preventing relapses needs a holistic approach

Addiction Rehab Toronto already has an all-encompassing relapse prevention program in place which looks at individuals seeking recovery as a whole, rather than a sum of symptoms.

“We deeply believe recovery is an ongoing journey. It doesn’t end when the rehab treatment is over, quite the opposite for many the hardship begins once they go back to their normal lives and the temptations are still there. We strongly advise all of our patients to have an after care routine, and certainly this will take a different shape with every case. No two people we treat are alike and so the approach must be just as unique. We strive to equip everyone with the necessary tools to combat cravings and triggers, high-risk situations and be in control of their emotions, while taking care of themselves. To be able to truly succeed, we need to always stay on top of the latest research in the area and be able to include that in what we are already offering,” said an Addiction Rehab Toronto spokesperson.

About Addiction Rehab Toronto

Addiction Rehab Toronto has differentiated themselves from their competitors by putting in place a comprehensive approach to addiction where the individual sits at the very core of everything they do. Their vision is to approach addiction and recovery as an on-going journey during which, with the appropriate medical care and expertise as well as compassion, anyone trying to overcome addiction can be empowered to find their path and heal.

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