Return of the King – The Successful Transformation of Changetip

When the Blockchain technology has developed to third-generation, lot of products which are related to the third-generation Blockchain technology are springing up, we have to admit that the changing speed of our industry is too fast, a lot of platforms which declared that the public blockchain can be applied to is useless, one of those products  either have few functions or can’t make an effective  connection with  entertainment, consumption, financing and social life. So what we need to do is to find the right point in this crowded market and to make a scientific programme according to those demands of consumers, by doing that, we can make more consumers joining us.

That is what changetip dose, it was the leader and mainly used to be a tipping platform of blockchain while it wasn’t totally accepted by the consumer, we have to say that that is a mistake. However, with the development of the era and market, the future direction is to achieve it can be widely used during the blockchain plus age.Changetip saw through the situation and changed in time, launched a digital currency storage platform, and established the Colorado foundation which is Changetip Fund. What’s more, in 2019, changetip held a grand press conference signing ceremony and formally entered the field of blockchain pass bank. Start a drastic reform and fully embrace the global blockchain boom.

In the same year, changetip acquired the BitLicense license which provides Bitcoin trading services to New York State residents through its Cash app. The BitLicense is a license for cryptocurrency-related businesses to operate legally in the New York State and it is issued by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). Changetip Fund company got the tenth BitLicense in the world today. Previously, only nine companies including Boston Payments Circle, Ripple’s subsidiary XRP II, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase (USA) and bitFlyer (Japan) obtained this license.Changetip Fund has a status to operate legally in New York State, Which proves the company’s strength and status in this field and can become a leader in the industry.

Changetip Fund has built a third-generation blockchain technology application with a huge sum of money. It marks that after 2019, Some technical obstacles like TPS will no longer be the main obstacles to the blockchain. And the next step is to depend on the development and the use of blockchain. The Changetip Fund is aimed at the future development trend of the blockchain and will develop the blockchain distributed storage. Distributed storage is a data storage technology that uses the disk space on each machine through the network and forms these scattered storage resources into a virtual storage device. The data is stored in various corners of the network. The AI and IOT big data storage are studied and solved by the blockchain.

The company also focuses on building its strongest public chain. From the history of blockchain development, we find that those cryptocurrencies which have great potential are still in the public chain. The public chain is the infrastructure of the blockchain, and the public chain that produces the public chain is the maker of the blockchain. The development technology of the public chain has a high threshold, It is difficult to develop, and has a long development cycle. Building the entire ecosystem is an inevitable trend in the development of blockchains. Developing an independent public chain and building an ecosystem, which is our guide.

In the future, blockchain technology will become great, and it must be a public chain application. Because once the application is popular, it will have a huge impact on the public, and the popularity will be very fast. For example, the operating system, the Internet, then the blockchain will do the same in the future. The full name of Changetip Fund’s strongest public chain is born—Social Chain.

Social networks are popular with the public because they meet the basic needs of human beings, that is, they have a sense of belonging to a group and start to socialize. At the same time, For many people, blockchain socialization mainly solves two demands: first, the privacy security requirements in the end-to-end instant messaging process; and second, the information property ownership and deposit certificates produced on the social platform.

The social chain name is Social Chain(SOCH), as the first software of Changetip Fund’s SocialChain public chain. At this time,Changetip has captured the big trends in social networking and got on the free ride instead of making the right choice. Of course, the emergence of SOCH has created a technological innovation in the blockchain world, it mainly reflects in the breakthrough development of blockchain R&D, software programming, global payment, encryption social, e-commerce, smart contracts, etc. Many unique innovative technologies will be presented, let us wait and see!

Of course, The development of Changetip Fund will be better because this is the era which is dominated by social intercourse, We will sweep the world by having huge market demand and good technology trends in the application of public links.

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