Soine Dermatology Launching Innovative Fitness Service

Soine Dermatology Launching Innovative Fitness Service

Soine Dermatology is excited to announce the launch of their new service and the first of its kind in the Northshore and Covington, LA area – EMSCULPT. EMSCULPT is a body sculpting and contouring device that is ideal for anyone seeking to enhance their physical image to finally bring you nearer to the best form of you. This is the world’s first device that sculpts and tones while also burning fat.

What is EMSCULPT? EMSCULPT is clinically tested and is FDA approved technology when utilized for the purpose of triggering supra-maximal contractions in highly-specific targeted muscle areas. EMSCULPT is a machine placed on the abdomen or buttocks that uses High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy (HIFEM) to not only target and eliminate fat but also build and tone muscle. Other procedures marketed for fat burn and toning can be invasive using surgery or electric stimulation that can be painful.


Unlike these other procedures, HIFEM utilizes a magnetic field that penetrates the body’s tissues to prompt muscle contraction which then results in fat burn and muscle tone. An additional benefit of EMSCULPT is that due to the intensity of the technology, while fat is burned, your body’s fat metabolism is also increased as your muscles tichten and eliminate fat cells.

For those considering utilizing EMSCULPT, you may be wondering if this procedure really works and just how long it takes. Sessions are approximately 30 minutes and allow for you to relax while it tones and shapes your body. One 30 minute session is the equivalent of 20,000 crunches or squats, minus the sweat of such vigorous exercise. In order to see results, most do about four sessions over a period of two weeks. After the initial procedure, individuals typically only need an additional session every few months in order to maintain the work from the initial session.

Those who have utilized EMSCULPT have seen results. Results include but are not limited to firmer and more lifted buttocks, definition in the abdomen, and even increased feelings of confidence.

At this time treatment is offered solely for the abdomen and buttocks. However, EMSCULPT is on the rise and developing. New attachments that target other areas of the body will be released soon. These new attachments target areas that include but are not limited to biceps, triceps, and calves. As these attachments are released, they will also become available at Soine Dermatology.

EMSCULPT is an option worth considering for anyone who has been looking to work on their physical well-being and striving to reach their full potential. A unique aspect of EMSCULPT is that because of its use of HIFEM technology, it will help your body to strengthen and tone muscles that are exceedingly difficult to work with even with a consistent and rigorous gym routine.

Soine Dermatology is thrilled to be offering this procedure and excited to help you bring your body to the next level in your physical journey.

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