Handshaikh Offers Extensive Cross-Cultural Training Seminars In-Person and Online

Handshaikh Offers Extensive Cross-Cultural Training Seminars In-Person and Online

Portsmouth, UK – Handshaikh, a company which offers cross-cultural training about Arab nations, provides their lessons both online and in-person. Handshaikh provides them to any Western client wanting to learn about the cultures of Gulf Arab nations. This includes Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, and Qatar. Their website at http://www.handshaikh.com/ explains how in-depth these lessons are. They teach clients about customs, religion, and language, in order to lead Westerners into the best business relationships possible with Arab nations.

Handshaikh gives in-person cross-cultural training seminars both privately and publically, as outlined at http://www.handshaikh.com/types_of_training/. These sessions are face-to-face. Individual companies can schedule the training at their local office or hotel. Public sessions are often given at the Middle East Association or the Arab British Chamber of Commerce in London. Either way, a client chooses to educate their company, they are sure to receive an in-depth account of Arab public relations and business dealings.

Booking one of Handshaikh’s private cross-cultural training sessions comes with a hardcover copy of their book, “Don’t They Know it’s Friday?” The book contains comprehensive advice about the customs in the Gulf, specifically for business owners who deal in those Arab countries. It serves as the perfect companion to Handshaikh’s seminars, teaching cultural sensitivity to Islam and everyday life in the Gulf.

You can also get a Kindle copy of “Don’t They Know it’s Friday?” with the purchase of a Virtual Classroom event. The Virtual Classroom is an online alternative to theface-to-face seminars, which can be scheduled according to any workday, depending on the office’s time zone. It features one of Handshaikh’s presenters over a live video feed. The videos also utilise group activity techniques, whiteboards, and a live chat. This online option is ideal for teams of 6-8 people, to maximise learning while still getting a variety of questions and perspectives from each team member.

Handshaikh provides cross cultural training sessions to business managers and employees around the world. Learning about Arab culture in the Gulf can open so many doors for creating quality alliances and conducting any business. Whether you’re an individual, or you lead a team, you can be sure that Handshaikh is the most versatile and comprehensive teacher for cross-cultural studies.

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