The Century-old CHARMZLAN Lands in China with Great Achievements, Hoping to Open 3000 Experience Stores

Nowadays, there are many uncertainties in the world economy, and the whole Europe has reached the turning point of economic development. The economic recession has seriously affected the development of many enterprises. However, CHARMZLAN’s entry into China shows a good state of development. With the rapid development of China’s economy, the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the increasing demand for cosmetics, CHARMZLAN, as a late brand to enter China, has ushered in a peak of development. It is expected to develop 3000 experience stores in China. At such a downturn in the world economy, CHARMZLAN’s development also provide samples for European enterprises, which proves once again the enormity and importance of the Chinese market.

CHARMZLAN is a high-end cosmetics brand protected by law. It is registered by FRANCE CHARMZLAN. BIOLOGICAL CO., LIMITED in France and the Chinese Trademark Bureau.


In 1730, the first French fragrance company was born in Grasse, France. Since then, France has been pursuing better quality of life. With the passage of time and precipitation, today’s Grasse has become the world-famous cosmetics capital.

In 1846, during the Orleanist monarchy, Mrs. Sergio CHARMZLAN discovered that the fragrance of orchids could make people feel calm. She refined the fresh orchids and put them to her face. Unexpectedly, the amazing anti-aging cosmetic effect of orchids soon spread to the nobles and became a rare new favorite of them. Since then, CHARMZLAN skin care products were born.


In 2016, CHARMZLAN landed in Hong Kong, advocating the idea of “enjoying the beauty of adverse times”. Adhering to the idea of developing the best and safest skin care products for human beings, it launched a series of high-end skin care products. From the beginning of raw materials, products have been chosen with natural environmental protection, people-oriented diversified control, and adopted the world’s most cutting-edge technology. With equipment, extracting plant natural active ingredients, through many top industry experts in Europe and China, countless deployment experiments, it ensures that each product meets international standards.

In 2018, CHARMZLAN entered China and adjusted and optimized the product formula scientifically according to the skin and physique characteristics of Asians. Its effect of skin care was deeply trusted by customers, thus establishing the leading position of CHARMZLAN brand in the skin care industry. Charm is beautiful, CHARMZLAN uses each piece of fine interpretation of French unique romance, elegance, intoxication and charm!


The Concept of CHARMZLAN

Advocate the idea of “enjoying the beauty of adversity” and be a charming and beautiful lady! Charm is the European aristocracy’s profound understanding of the connotation of human aesthetics. With the progress of human society, people no longer pursue visual beauty solely, but convey an inherent elegant accomplishment and charm through vision. CHARMZLAN is based on the human desire for self-confidence and charm in social communication activities. It is in the growing appeal of this attraction that CHARMZLAN has launched high-end cosmetics suitable for different age stages, so that ladies can fully stimulate the perfect display of beauty and charm!

The Culture of CHARMZLAN

CHARMZLAN regards the highest requirements of law and morality as its business criterion. It will never tolerate any behavior that is not in accordance with the law or against morality, but people-oriented, fully stimulate employees’ energy and creativity, shape employees’ core values of respect for health, respect for all life, and creates continuous value for customers.

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