Pharmaceutical company Manzo Pharmaceuticals earns great reviews for patented long-lasting lactose digestion aid

Pharmaceutical company Manzo Pharmaceuticals earns great reviews for patented long-lasting lactose digestion aid
Lacto-Freedom Probiotic is a patented lactose digestion supplement from Manzo Pharmaceuticals which supports effective lactose-digestion for months after taking only a 7-day supply.

Milford, PA – August 20, 2019 – Good news for those who are sensitive to dietary lactose. Manzo Pharmaceuticals LLC, has recently launched a patented lactose digestion aid which reportedly lasts much longer than other lactose digestion supplements on the market. Lacto-Freedom is a scientifically advanced probiotic which has been specifically designed to support lactose digestion for months after it is taken for a short 7-days.

According to scientists, gut microbes are the “future of our health” since most of them are very beneficial to our health.  In fact, it is very difficult to survive without a gut microbiome and these microbes influence the human body from the moment we are born and it tends to diversify over time. Research studies show the more diverse a gut microbiome is, the better the health. Some benefits of a healthy gut microbiome are a stronger immunity, better brain health, and better digestion.  

According to researchers, our bodies must have a proper balance of healthy and unhealthy microbes.  An imbalance could lead to gut dysbiosis, and often results in digestive issues. Fortunately, researchers suggest that taking probiotics are a great way to maintain a healthy balance of microbes in the body. Probiotics are live bacteria that, when ingested, help promote a healthy gut microbiome. 

Lacto-Freedom is a special probiotic that works in the microbiome to promote healthy lactose digestion. 

Lacto-Freedom contains a unique strain of L. acidophilus MPH734 which produces significantly more lactase enzyme than the common L. acidophilus probiotic strain.  Lactase is the enzyme responsible for the digestion of lactose, the natural sugar found in milk and milk products. The L. acidophilus MPH734 strain is also capable of adhering to intestinal surface more effectively so it stays in the intestines longer.  These unique properties make Lacto-Freedom a better option than taking lactase tablets with every lactose containing food.

Lacto-Freedom Probiotic has already earned dozens of 5-star reviews from its users.

“Lacto-Freedom really has changed my life. I couldn’t eat dairy, but after getting Lacto-Freedom I can digest yogurt, ice cream and creamy products without any problem.” – Hernan

“About a week after taking it, I was able to eat pizza for this first time in two years. It’s been a little over a month, and I’m still going strong, eating ice cream and loving it. Thank you so much for this product! – Bethany L 

“…I can actually eat dairy again; I even ate a small bowl of ice cream this evening with no obvious side effects! The experiment has been a success for me. Praise God!” – GK

Lacto-Freedom Probiotic is one of the highest-ranking lactose digestion probiotics on Amazon with a majority of 5-star customer reviews. 

Manzo Pharmaceuticals LLC was founded by Ken Manzo R.Ph., a licensed pharmacist.  The company is family owned and operated, and is located in Pike County, PA. 

Mr. Manzo is the inventor of Lacto-Freedom Probiotic which he has developed in collaboration with California-based biotech firm Celprogen, Inc. The company also developed a natural sleep aid (Somnaid Sleep Aid) that helps promote a deep restful sleep.

Lacto-Freedom is claimed to be different, longer-lasting and more convenient compared to other lactose-digestion aids for many reasons. 

First, it’s the ONLY probiotic specifically designed to help prevent gas, diarrhea, bloating and abdominal cramps that are caused from consuming lactose found in milk products. It works in the microbiome of the intestines, providing lactase enzyme right where digestion occurs.

Unlike other lactose digestion aids that have to be taken right before consuming milk-containing products, Lacto-Freedom is taken for just 7 days. After that, users will typically experience positive digestion benefits for months without additional doses. 

“With Lacto-Freedom, you can now enjoy all your favorite dairy products without the discomfort from lactose, and without needing lactase tablets”, stated Mr. Manzo.

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