Brooklyn Dicent Thrills Her Audience with Fresh New Style of Comedy

Brooklyn Dicent, a very talented stand-up comedian, is one of the most prolific and popular performers working today. Receiving critical acclaim, she is one of a few performers to sell out multiple shows in the Seattle area.

Brooklyn Dicent is not just your everyday comedian. Her type of comedy is described as “unscripted comedy made up on the spot.” Dicent creates instant, fast, and witty audience interaction that leaves people feeling energized and in many cases transformed.

Brooklyn Dicent is the founder of Brooklyn Comedy Live, a one-woman show that is can be described as a complete improvised blend of comedy and self-help. Audience members are always part of the show. The goal of the show is to awaken your highest self.

The show consists of bantering with the audience to such heights that many make it on to the stage for one on one time with the comedian. Dicent explores any topic that emerges with razor-sharp speed. In this innovative experience audience members witness a stunning show of intuition blended with positive humor.

The show blends stories, anecdotes, and even preacher like moments that gets audiences responding as if they were in church. Dicent understands the importance of tapping into the human psyche thru humor in a way many have never seen before. Her most recent tour that opened in Seattle on Friday night (Aug. 16) was sold out creating a demand for a second and third show.

“It’s the ultimate rush. I love performing for a live audience so much more than I enjoy being on camera,” said Dicent. “I create a very unique and unforgettable show. The show is FOR and ABOUT YOU! The show blends comedy and self-help. This will be an experience that will change your life.”

Tyler Martinez said, “you have something special! This show was epic the blend of stand up, crowd interaction, Hypno-mindreading, dancing, and singing was mindblowing” Albina Terpetteska said Brooklyn Dicent is a star. If you haven’t been to this outstanding person’s show yet, you must see it! The combination of her contagious energy, creativity, and passion to what she does entertain and inspire. Keep bringing laughter and joy to the world!

If you are a fan of Brooklyn Dicent, you will laugh even harder at her live stand-up show. Brooklyn Dicent has a natural talent for humor that will have the audience rolling in the aisles. Her live performances provide a medium for an audience to laugh themselves into incontinence while making compelling points. She has appeared on NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, FOX, and USA Today.

“Brooklyn is phenomenal on stage. She knows how to engage the audience, make people laugh and gets her point across without making it too drawn out. Her improvisation skills can educate, entertain, and inform people at the same time. She has crowd control like no other. I recommend her for emceeing any type of events, whether it’s, casual, informal, or corporate settings” A fan Commented.

Are you currently down or maybe you’re just bored? Do you need a reason to laugh? Well, Brooklyn Comedy Live might just have a remedy for you.

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