Why Different Styles and Tastes Unlock the Potential of Bathroom Renovations

The increasing sophistication of interior design, and its resulting growth in popularity and interest, has led to a change in the way people view their homes. In many cases, a house or apartment is more than just a place to live and shelter – it has become an opportunity to exercise creativity, express interests, moods and tastes, and tailor furnishings and fittings to suit individual preferences.

Among all the rooms in a home, the bathroom arguably carries the greatest opportunity for indulging in mood-specific renovation and redesign. Initially intended as a place for bathing and using the toilet, bathrooms have moved far beyond their original limited scope into a potential haven of relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Basement Finishing Company is specialists in home renovations, and not just basements as their name implies. The company carries out bespoke bathroom renovations and says the range of lighting, flooring and fittings options now makes a new bathroom into more of an experience than a mere room.

The array of bathroom fixtures that the company can upgrade include sinks, showers, faucets, the toilet and the bathtub. New models of an increasingly stylish nature are constantly being designed and produced, and making changes to these features can either capture a vintage, traditional style or something more futuristic and cutting-edge.

Lighting is another bathroom feature that can greatly influence the atmosphere and mood. When taken as a purely functional feature, there is a risk of homeowners settling for inadequate lighting that is either too harsh or too muted – this can have a significant impact on the feel of the room, without it necessarily being immediately obvious. Lighting offers the opportunity for elegance and subtlety, which can both add a relaxing and calming vibe to the bathroom.

While the floor of any room might seem to be an uninteresting and genuinely functional component, in a bathroom it can add a finishing stylistic touch and complement whatever type of fitting and lighting that is currently there. The Basement Finishing Company offers a choice of the basic and straightforward with the more budget-friendly vinyl, and the more extravagant wood and ceramic tiles options.

Plumbing and the electrics are a vital part of any renovation, particularly so in a bathroom – the Basement Finishing Company keep it even simpler by being able to take care of upgrades and replacements themselves, saving the need to hire a separate tradesman for the job.

“Bathrooms can offer so much more than mere functionality and with the popularity of interior design, people are really pushing the potential of their bathroom space,” says a spokesperson for the company. “And because tastes vary quite dramatically, we are able to deliver a work schedule and materials that suit every budget. Before the job even starts, we carry out an in-house consultation to ensure a full understanding of a customer’s requirements – and the cost estimate is provided free of charge.”

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Basement Finishing Company is part of Home Renovations Canada and offers full home renovation, including bathrooms, basements, kitchens and the full house. Their craftsmanship also covers electrical and plumbing, and a dedicated project manager oversees the progress of each renovation job.  

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