Trellis.Com Is Offering A Free Demo Of Cannabis Seed To Sale Software

Trellis.Com Is Offering A Free Demo Of Cannabis Seed To Sale Software
The business of cannabis is emerging but also challenging due to stringent regulations. Wouldn’t it be good to have a tool that not only puts growth and sale of cannabis on the top of regulations but also helps in optimizing the related operations? This is exactly what the software from Trellis Solutions does!

Trellis Solutions is gaining popularity for its intuitive software through which the regulated cannabis producers can focus on improving their cannabis production techniques. It is a comprehensive data management solution for monitoring and advancing related processes so that the producers and sellers can fortify their business through efficient management.

This is likely to end up giving quality cannabis to consumers. The good news is that a business can request a demo online at the official Trellis Solutions website.

The Home page itself provides a red button labeled REQUEST A DEMO to make this request. Clicking it takes one to a small form asking personal and business details. This is perhaps a great way to get started with or optimize something that is highly regulated.

The Home page also describes the software for cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors. It then lists the reasons for using this software for making a cannabis business successful. It is worth noticing that the California Cannabis Authority (CCA) has approved Trellis as a third-party provider for the needed monthly data transmissions.

According to a spokesperson, “Our platform ensures user’s safety, facilitates the growth of our client’s business, and advocates responsibility and trust across this highly regulated industry. This solution-driven tool is capable of promoting the success of anybody involved in the cannabis industry by adhering to all compliances and optimizing all the related operations. It also provides collaborative opportunities at each point of the value chain. The patients will feel more confident and have peace of mind by recognizing that the weeds they are using are thoroughly cared for from seed-to-sale.”

About Trellis Solutions

Based in Oakland, Trellis is a prominent enterprise known for its seed-to-sale tracking tool designed exclusively for the cannabis industry. With the usage criterion of 21+ years, the software aids regulated cannabis cultivators, distributors, and retailers in adhering to inventory compliance. Trellis operates in Los Angeles, Oakland, Toronto, Colorado, California, Massachusetts, Arizona, Oklahoma, Nevada, and Canada. The company is expanding its operations to other American states as well.

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