Why it Pays to be Prepared when Shipping Goods from Canada to the US

Border control is an increasingly emotive topic in today’s world, with many political leaders around the globe using strong rhetoric about tightening border controls to tackle immigration and seemingly place less emphasis on imported goods. This new patriotic focus on being more self-sufficient means shipping products across any border is likely to be more complex than ever before.

Even close neighbours like Canada and the US face this challenge. It is important to have various pieces of documentation prepared and ready when moving goods between the two countries. Just because the border is long with many passable points, and there has always been a friendly, easy relationship between the two countries, doesn’t make the task one to take lightly.

And in today’s world of online shopping, where e-commerce giants like Amazon and even social media companies like Facebook and Instagram are playing a central role in the growth of remote ordering and delivery, the transit of goods both within countries and across borders is only going to continue to grow in volume.

RoadLINX is a Toronto-based freight trucking and international shipping company that transports a wide range of goods between Canada and the US. As such, they are technical experts at the various protocols attached to cross-border shipping, and a significant part of their service is taking care of the associated bureaucracy while also advising customers on important things to bear in mind.

Two key tips they offer include choosing the right freight broker who can match a shipment with the right driver and lane, and tightly packing goods to increase the chances of downsizing the carrier vehicle to a quicker, cheaper option. RoadLINX also specialize in directing their customers to the right documents and packing lists that will be required to cross the border – they advise that this documentation is provided with the driver at the outset, to avoid delays and other problems.

They also advise customers to consider signing a contract with one carrier to avoid the delays and uncertainties that occur when regularly switching carriers. Staying with one carrier for at least a few years can make it easier to budget, and enables both customer and carrier to get to know each other’s methods and expectations. With this in mind, RoadLINX also recommends early planning of shipments – the sooner a carrier knows what it is transporting, the better it can plan its resources.

For shipping between Canada and the US, RoadLINX advises that the following documentation must be in order: a bill of lading, which contains details about the contents, destination and weight of the shipment; a commercial invoice to assist customs; a NAFTA certificate for possible preferential tariff treatment; and the optional license for import/export, which is required for restricted or controlled goods.

“With our multi-speciality team of brokers, drivers and shipping experts, we draw on valuable experience and knowhow to ensure customers’ shipments are delivered safely and securely,” says a spokesperson for RoadLINX. “This means that we can check for all the necessary documentation required for shipping from Canada to the US, and help plan the best shipping routes according to the requirements of the shipment.”

About RoadLINX

RoadLINX is a trucking company that specializes in small or large-scale shipments within Canada and across the border into the US. They have a fleet of customized trucking options, from heated or cooled trucks, to small-scale options for more compact shipping – and they offer special deals for shipments to Las Vegas trade shows.   

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