How a Professional Dental Clean Can Help Prevent Gum Disease and Tooth Decay

It is easy to underestimate the importance of regular teeth cleaning, especially as it is such a routine, everyday part of life – but the consequences of either failing to clean teeth, or cleaning them inadequately, cannot be overstated.

While many people would say they are committed to daily brushing and flossing, either once or twice a day, it is often the case that poor technique undermines their efforts. Perhaps too much pressure is being exerted, leading to bleeding gums and gum recession – or maybe a tendency to rush the teeth cleaning is causing areas to be missed. Doing this regularly will likely lead to plaque build-up – and if this is substantial, it is often already too late to avoid the consequences.

A professional dental clean has been recommended by oral health specialists as a safe and secure way to protect against poor dental hygiene. Osmin Denture Clinic advise on doing this every three months, to ensure a thorough and comprehensive job is carried out.

“The consequences of failing to maintain good dental hygiene can be severe – and many of these are not well known,” says a spokesperson for Osmin Denture Clinic. “While poor brushing understandably causes issues such as bad breath, it can also lead to tooth decay and, even worse, periodontal disease. This is a serious infection of the gums that has been linked to other health conditions such as heart problems, diabetes and even dementia.”

The Osmin Denture Clinic has a team of oral health specialists that can carry out a thorough clean of teeth and gums, focusing on the removal of plaque, tartar and stains. The clinic also offers a free initial one hour denture and dental health consultation.

While poor technique, a rushed approach or maybe even the wrong size toothbrush can all be factors in failures to maintain good dental hygiene, another understandable cause is the cost. Regular professional teeth cleaning comes at a price, and in recognition of this potential deterrent, the Osmin Denture Clinic provides assistance for low income patients.

The clinic offers a 20% discount off the current year fee guide, as recommended by the DAO (Denturists Association of Ontario) and ODA (Ontario Dental Association), while free dental emergency and denture treatment is also available for Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program and Veterans Affairs recipients, and Native and Inuit Canadians.

The Osmin Denture Clinic can also make house calls to patients at their homes, or in their hospital or long-term care facility, ensuring those in need can receive the necessary treatment in comfort. And with staff at the clinic able to speak languages including English, Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Hebrew and Portuguese, another potential obstacle to good dental hygiene is removed.

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Osmin Denture Clinic is based on Bathurst Street in Toronto and also provides denture services from a clinic in Richmond Hill. The dental team has decades of experience in providing dental care to patients throughout the Toronto area.

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