How Military Options are Providing a Domestic Solution to Security Threats

With personal security now arguably a global concern, owners of homes and businesses are increasingly on the lookout for sophisticated means of protecting themselves from intruders and external threats. The advent of CCTV decades ago was a major leap forward in personal security, but technology has advanced even further since then, with many options now available that wouldn’t look out of place in a Hollywood science fiction movie.

For one firm of security experts, this has largely been achieved through looking towards a group that is under the most sustained threat and therefore most likely to develop the best solutions – the military. This is the approach taken by Security Smart Systems, whose team of security experts have become skilled in taking decommissioned military surveillance equipment and repurposing it for domestic use.

This use applies to any location that could attract a security risk, such as homes, airports, places of work, large-scale industrial centres and major events. However, the company understands that not every set of circumstances requires the same level of heavy-duty protection, which is why an in-depth planning and risk assessment process is undertaken to assess the individual needs. A decision on the most suitable product is based on the level of risk that the particular location is exposed to.

Options include a radar and seismic sensor system that uses highly-sensitive devices to pick up an intruder at the earliest opportunity, and a smart fence and perimeter that circles a property or area with a powerful shield against outside threats. Embedded sensors also feature, and there is a unique design that prevents anyone from climbing, cutting or in any other way incapacitating it.

The smart fence also includes a sensor metal grid that detects and prevents attempts to access drainage systems and underground water pipes. For the lower level of security threat, a welded mesh security fence can be installed that is resistant to vehicle attacks and can withstand natural disasters. It is also impossible to climb and cannot be cut, even using the most advanced cutting tools.Security Smart Systems also offers a laser security system that casts criss-crossing red beams to detect intruders. This system senses motion instantly and is centrally controlled by WiFi.

“With decades of experience in security systems in general, our teams are skilled inusing this on what are some of the most sophisticated pieces of surveillance equipment available,”said a spokesperson for the company. “There is nowhere better to look for an effective security system than the military, where security is constantly under threat and the response is provided through some of the most robust and powerful equipment available anywhere in the world.”

About Security Smart Systems Inc

The founders of Security Smart Systems Inc have industry experience stretching back to the early 2000s, and specialise in adapting complex military security equipment for the more everyday risks of the domestic setting. They are guided in this by detailed risk assessments, which help identify bespoke systems that most closely match individual requirements.

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