CONQERA to release an assessment that will help pinpoint students and young professionals in a career path

Kerala, India – This has been one of the biggest dilemma of our times; parents, teachers, and students in pursuit of finding the perfect career path. There has been numerous assessments created on and offline. People take them, but then that’s it. You see, these tests give them an answer and after that, the person doesn’t know what to do. That’s why CONQERA is changing this once and for all.

“CONQERA is a futuristic career & Personality Assessment tool to find the qualities of inheritance in each person; to discover the innate talents and the natural career drives, and to help guide their future.”

Once taking this assessment not only will that person discover their career paths, but they will also understand how their personality corresponds to that choice. Furthermore, there is a support system for the person after this assessment. Both Students, and parents will have an opportunity to undergo counselling to further discuss the doubts, fears, and what steps they should take. There will also be a list of schools, and university that will be in their best interest distributed to them.

“Bring the working world into education a lot earlier and take the education into the working world.”

The vision for 2030 – Imagine a generation of men and women that are committed to tradition and culture. A generation in which they are not only developed physically, but they are developed vitally, mentally and spiritually. People that are able to face day-to-day challenges and find success. All of this will stem from these young people being nurtured and guided by these schools. This all starts in India, but as they spread so will the influence and empowerment. All of this will lead to a more united and peaceful planet.

About the founder:

Born in a micro village near Areekode in Kerala, South India – Suresh Kumar is an accomplished trainer, Mentor, Psychologist, career designer and life coach with a global exposure for two decades. As a pioneering Philanthropist and mentor Mr. Suresh Kumar, has been transforming large groups of people from all walks of life for two decades. His achievements includes counseling, career designing, motivating, empowering and spreading value education to more than 1.2 Million students across the country, nearly 100,000 teachers and more than 4 lakh parents. He travelled to more than 20 countries for his research and training programs.

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