Grow Pod Solutions Helps People Start Their Shipping Container Farm

Grow Pod Solutions Helps People Start Their Shipping Container Farm

Corona, CA – Grow Pod Solutions has been helping several people achieve their farming dreams through indoor farming solutions for years. As one of the leading experts in scalable indoor farming practice, Grow Pod Solutions has been able to convert spaces including shipping containers into thriving and successful farms for their clients. Making use of the latest practices, Grow Pod Solutions is able to guarantee an all year round yield through their latest farming solutions.

Describing their approach to farming and their indoor farming solutions, the spokesperson for Grow Pod Solutions said: “Grow Pod Solutions is a modular, stackable and mobile vertical growing environment. We are specifically engineered to maximize yield and automation. We offer a fully insulated, food-grade shipping container that has been specifically modified to provide the optimum controlled environment for growing a wide range of horticultural and agricultural products in all environments and climates. With our combination of hydroponic and certified organic soil systems; you get a significantly higher yield that grows faster, and is more consistent.”

Having cracked the secret to an all-year-round production, Grow Pod Solutions is able to deliver the needed resources for their clients to access their own scalable indoor farm. Having grown over the years, Grow Pod Solutions is well positioned, thus allowing them the needed resources and expertise to meet the demands of their clients irrespective of the scale of farming business aimed at. With Grow Pod Solutions, farming can be carried out in a climate-controlled environment which supports the maximum possible yield.

Aiming to create an environmentally sustainable farming solution, Grow Pod Solutions offers their clients a low impact farming solution. Through an automated climate-controlled environment, clients are exposed to a better and more efficient use of water and power while also being guaranteed complete protection against the use of harmful chemicals such as pesticides and bactericides.

As part of their container based farming solution, Grow Pod Solutions offers options which include hydroponic based farming solutions, soil based farming solutions, and custom build farming solutions.

The hydroponic-based pod offered by Grow Pod Solutions is a great solution designed for farmers who are focused on utilizing a vertical hydroponic system. Being affordable, scalable, efficient, automated, and sustainable, this solution guarantees a greater output that will provide fresh and clean produce annually and in any climate.

Their custom build solution is also designed around the crop and growing goals of each client. The team of botanists and scientists can work to design and build micro-farms to help clients achieve the perfect grow strategy for any crop.

Some of the advantages offered by their farming solutions include multiple pod connections, stackable options, modular additions, clean rooms, shelving systems, prep stations, additional sensors and controls, solar and natural gas energy solutions, security systems, custom colors and graphics, amongst others.

Get a grow container from Grow Pod Solutions. They are located at 337 E Harrison St Unit B, Corona, CA 92879 or can be reached by phone at (855) 247-8054. For more information, visit their website or send an email to their team at [email protected]

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