The public chain ChainPay announced its combustion plan

Recently, the world-renowned public chain ChainPay announced that its combustion plan will be released globally on August 20, 2019, which will jointly promote the transformation of the block chain. ChainPay system is a complete ecology, and its burning plan is one of its many plans. This time, ChainPay provides users with mature and reliable enterprise-level block chain infrastructure services. Based on the combustion plan, Chain Pay connects the surrounding ecology, expands the field radiation, efficiently completes the cooperation of all parties, and realizes the free flow of value.

ChainPay System, referred to as CPS, is an e-commerce vertical domain main chain system based on privacy protection protocol, initiated by USA Block Chain Payment Technology Foundation and developed combined with top blockchain technology team in Silicon Valley.

CPS applies blockchain technology and decentralized privacy protection technology to solve the current industry pain points in the global e-commerce field. Through building the on-chain infrastructure of e-commerce integration blockchain, the goal is to become the on-chain cornerstone of trust in the e-commerce industry and the largest payment settlement platform, serving billions of people!

Chain-Pay Mall is the world’s first blockchain payment+new retail ecosystem project jointly launched and operated by the USA Block Chain Payment Technology Foundation and the top US block chain technology team in the world. It is committed to connect global users by establishing the technical logic of the underlying blockchain architecture and business model smart contracts, creating a digital cash payment system in the blockchain world, and promoting the development of smart payment and new retail.

Chain-Pay Mall uses advanced blockchain 4.0 cross-chain lightning network technology to provide a new way for global cross-border payment exchange and international settlement. The solution is to use the atomic cross-exchange technology to realize cross-chain lightning trading on different channels; Introduce blockchain technology based on smart contracts to record the value of traffic data, and create a decentralized “blockchain+e-commerce” ecosystem platform, bringing new changes to new retail. The platform enhances the security of payment, protects the privacy of users, enhances the credibility of data, eliminates the phenomenon of tampering or destroying relevant data, and enables a secure and trusted platform to create a new consumer experience for users. What makes a chain system unique is that it is a pre-existing scenario with a currency. Unlike other blockchain projects, there are precedence and application scenarios. Taking e-commerce as the entry point, using the Chain-Pay Token (CPT) as the medium, the blockchain model layout is used to build a large ecosystem. The future ecosystem will combine digital currency trading, over-the-counter trading, API high-frequency trading, payment settlement, digital currency wallet, game entertainment social and offline entities such as the beauty industry, car catering, education, real estate, etc. They are independent and interdependent, forming a new ecosystem of innovative industries. The Future Chain-Pay Mall plans to make 100 million people around the world become users of CPT, creating a global settlement ecology and realizing the vision of digital payment.

CPSCoin, an encrypted digital currency issued by the US Blockchain Payment Technology Foundation. The first phase will be generated on Ethereum based on smart contracts. The second phase will be self-generated and will be used as the sole underlying digital currency for the CPS public chain for settlement, trading and smart contracts. CPSCoin issued a fixed amount of 500 million pieces. Once it was created, it will never increase its distribution; and through the mechanisms of delivery destruction, repurchase and destruction, etc., the deflation model will be created, and the total liquidity will be set to 200 million pieces. CPSCoin is assigned to different holders according to specific rules and proportions.

From the perspective of solving the pain points of the business, the CPS blockchain team examines the many business scenes inside and outside the CPS system, giving full play to its technological advantages, in some major application scenes: data security, member ecology, logistics system, supply chain system, anti-counterfeiting and traceability, supply and demand matching, transaction party, payment pattern, brand building, industry advertising. A series of landings have been implemented, allowing users to enjoy the protection and services provided by blockchain technology with almost no perception.

CPS will re-purchase the trust relationship between users, merchants and users, use Token mode to transform the member ecology and stimulate the potential of members to contribute to community consensus, which will make CPS member ecology develop rapidly and steadily.  In terms of data security, CPS can also be fully guaranteed: on the basis of anonymity, it can ensure the security of user information through dynamic encryption, non-interactive zero-knowledge proof and other technical means;  At the same time, a distributed storage scheme supporting IPFS protocol is used to further improve decentralization.

Innovation and perfection of CPS supply chain system: it solves the problem of upstream and downstream transaction vouchers and traceability mechanism in the supply chain, simplifies the management difficulty of central enterprises in the supply chain and provides financing solutions for upstream and downstream enterprises. The protection of commercial confidential data based on privacy protection agreement solves the protection problem of sensitive data.  At the same time, the whole logistics process will be linked up in a transparent and joint decision-making process to improve the efficiency of logistics settlement.

However, in the whole transaction process, the problem of accurate matching and balance between supply and demand was solved through the incorrigible system data, thus realizing a benign ecology of win-win for all parties.  The e-commerce platform data is encrypted by block algorithm, and then a chain is formed by timestamps and other methods, so as to conform to the flow production mode of the commodity market and ensure the reliability of security traceability.  The introduction of intelligent contract and atom exchange cross-chain payment technology in payment eliminates the need for third-party organizations between individuals and businesses, and reduces settlement costs.

CPS uses block chain technology to provide strong and real data support for e-commerce platform procurement, processing, transportation, distribution, after-sales and recycling. CPS is close to consumers while enabling brand building and upgrading and optimizing the competitive environment.  De-brokering; Changing the profit distribution mode of advertisement; Advertising is more accurate and efficiency is improved.

Chain-Pay is a block chain system that promotes the socialization of e-commerce based on social trust. Under the big wind of social e-commerce industry, CPS team will make efforts in the field of social e-commerce based on its own supply chain and user data.  Applying block chain technology and decentralized privacy protection technology, we are committed to solving the current industry pain points in the global e-commerce field, building the online infrastructure of e-commerce integration block chain, becoming the trust cornerstone and the largest payment and settlement platform in the e-commerce industry chain, serving billions of users.

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