Explains How LTL Trucking Helps Keep The American Economy Alive Explains How LTL Trucking Helps Keep The American Economy Alive

The trucking industry fulfills the wants and needs of humanity and is an important vertebra in the economic backbone of America. If that sounds overly dramatic consider the headlines declaring that Trucking Industry Revenues Top $796 Billion in 2018. That $796 billion figure represents over 70% of the freight tonnage moved across the US.

A World Without Trucks

According to, if all the delivery trucks stopped rolling, in less than a week, supermarket shelves would be empty. There would be a critical shortage of medical supplies. Manufacturers and the companies that supply them would have to shut down. Stores would close because of the inability to get merchandise. Mail delivery and the transport of money would stop. Thankfully, the trucking industry is growing.

The Importance of Trucking to Working People

Combined trucking companies like CSA Transportation and others provide jobs for 7.8 million people. Of all the people working in the over the road hauling industry a little over half are drivers. Cartage companies need ancillary staff like secretaries, warehouse workers, mechanics, and dispatchers. With 80% of municipalities depending on trucks for supplies, the 11.49 billion tons of cargo that trucks move yearly equals jobs for people in other industries.

The Importance of Trucking to Minorities

Trucking employs a large percentage of minorities. Minorities comprise almost half the trucking workforce. The number of minorities working in trucking would have to increase by 9.6% percent to be exactly half of the cartage industry workforce.

The Importance Trucking to International Trade

Highways connect the US to two foreign trading partners, Canada and Mexico. In 2018 67.4% of the freight shipped by land between the US and Canada was hauled by trucks. That same year, over 80% of the cargo that crossed our southern border crossed it in trucks.

The Importance of Trucking to Manufacturers and Retailers

Trucks get goods from the makers to the sellers cheaper than railroads. The initial cost of shipping freight by rail is cheaper but not the overall cost. The reason it is ultimately more cost-effective to move goods by truck is that the cartage industry offers its customers flexibility that lowers overall shipping costs.

Thanks to the American Trucking Association

The ATA is a trucking industry trade organization. The statistics used in this article were verified by the ATA. For more information about the importance of trucking or anything related to such, you can go to website.

Trucks are vital to the American economy. The trucking industry is the largest mover of overland freight. Workers inside and outside to the industry owe their livings to trucks. Overall, it is cheaper to ship by truck than by rail.

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